Melting Mars is an electronic based project. My goal is to move people through time and space with grooves, sounds and vibrations done on numerous electronics and instruments. All music/lyrics/samples are original feelings emanating from Lou and various friends.


Our music is a blending of Chicago underground house and techno, as this is my backyard. Not all of the songs have lyrics because MM enjoys the freedom that music gives us and we in turn share with the audience. Guest appearances from talented musical friends heighten the different moods we create.
As with all performers, we have many varied influences that define our form and sound. MM is energized with artists such as The Beatles, Depeche Mode, Bob Marley and Daft Punk even though my writing does not emulate this. These just name a few groups and people that Mars wants you to be aware of.
Prior to the Melting of Mars Lou was performing live PA's and DJ'n at underground house parties and abandoned warehouse gatherings.


None at this moment.

Set List

Here is a list of our songs- Amneija, Sad E.P., Waiting for the Winds of Time, Scratch "N" Riff, Final Front, Torn Umbrella, Frankenstine, The Get Away, The Violin Sniper, Made in China, Crystal, Windy City Phunk, Damaged Mindz, Melting Mars, Wake Up!, Nebula Rising, Broken Bones, Music in Ya Ear, Subsonic Theory, Deep Space Diver, Sacrifice, Pass it to Me Right, E-motive, Please don't Freak Me Out, The Awakening

We perform a 2 hour set with a brief intermission or set is configured for different performances.

All music is original and written by Lou Gbur.