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Melting Season


Band Alternative Avant-garde


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This band has not uploaded any videos




An American quilt of introspect bedroom Gedaddel, nurtured by too much shrooms and whale chants. Favorite songs for mad scientists, laughing alone on forgotten islands with miniature atomic bombs, banjos, and various percussion tools. Or early Bibio-slightly in limbo, yet 12-headed, but with one mind; or even better; the audio equivalent to a Funkadelic live show after 20 years of collecting colorful things and jokes to add to the costume, without ever taking a single one away. Let's melt together - Lowdown
- Lowdown


Texas based one man band Bruce Blay aka Melting Season is getting ready to release his debut album entitled Harmoni-Pet Deluxe. The album draws from the same sonic influences as Animal Collective and Bibio – a deadly combo if you ask me. - Deftune
- Deftune

"Aiding & Abetting"

The band's website calls this Japanese classic music. That's pretty droll. But it is safe to say that Melting Season doesn't sound much like anything else. Take experimental rhythms, generally coherent vocals and unusual uses of typical instruments, and then stir. I couldn't take it all in at once, but I plan to revisit often. - Aiding & Abetting
- Aiding & Abetting


Melting Season is the moniker of Texas' Bruce Blay, a member of Denton's Sleep Whale, whose track "Cotton Curls" we shared with you last month. "The Cliffs" takes up where "Curls" left off-- featuring kalimba and distorted tape loops of found-sound spoken word and various other miscellany, wrapped together with a delicate harp. -


Harmoni-Pet Deluxe : MUSH Records



Heralding from the Dallas, Texas that spaghetti westerns are made of, Melting Season is a multi-layered head-trip. A drummer from a young age and a practically-everything-else-ist from only slightly after that, Bruce Blay first came to prominence with the band Sleep Whale. His contributions on guitar, bass, violin, percussion and field recordings gave their music a sound that was described as a beautiful, somber patchwork and compared to The Books and Stars Of The Lid. Working on his own for the first time and expanding his arsenal to include kalimba, harp, noise makers, and most importantly saturated multi-tracked vocals, Melting Season was born. The layered approach to building sounds is borne of a diverse resume of experiences. Whether gaining his philosophy degree, cliff-jumping, wandering around Europe, recording bird sounds in Chile, working for the Crow Collection of Asian Art, or finding inspiration in weeping philosophers, comic books, and cats, this mad scientist of sound and emotion is an exploding musical alloy.