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New Age, ambient, noise and classical blend to create an immersive musical space.
Melusine's first release, The Aqua Path, creates a watery, deep-sea atmosphere.


Melusine is a space music band, dedicated to creating immersive musical environments. The founding member, Kate Durkes, is a musicologist and composer who uses both acoustic (violin, guitar, and voice) and electronic instruments to achieve the desired result: an hour of music that will put you in a different world.
"Space music doesn't always mean ambient," says Kate, whose songs have a rhythmic element, even in the ambient pieces. Melusine's next release, tentatively called "The Tower," will be heavily goth and medieval influenced. "It will probably have more drums," Kate says, "and maybe even an industrial song or two."

Jeremy Shaw played guitar and contributed synth parts on two of the songs. He assisted in the musical direction of The Aqua Path and also is the band's sound technician during live shows. Kate hopes to work with Jeremy more, as well as other guest musicians, on "The Tower" and other Melusine releases.


CD "The Aqua Path" is available for sale at
Vocal singles "Gelid" and "Seaglass" debuted on the art Flash site noscope.
Noscope features music from Melusine almost every month.
All songs are also available online at

Set List

Our sets are 60-90 minutes of improvisational new age, ambient, downtempo, and noise music that is sometimes based on material from releases. We often play with 1-3 other guest musicians from other bands, and we'll play any venue that has power and a PA!