Melvin Dillon

Melvin Dillon


Melvin Dillon is a acoustic songwriter from the coalfields of Southwest Virginia. He currently is on the road, and recently joined with Chicago's new recording company, The Cassette Company. He wants to get his brand of Appalacian Soul out to all. His first record, Roads Home Burn, is coming soon.


Born and raised in the coalfields of Virginia, Cassette Company recording artist Melvin Dillon looks to play his brand of music, he calls Appalachian Soul. Taking the roots of the mountains where he came from and the beautiful sounds of soul he found on the streets of Chicago, Melvin's upcoming release "Roads Home Burn," takes a pivotal look at where he is going, where he came from, and what he left behind.

Currently on the road, Melvin looks to be touring the area and showing audiences the same stripped-down stories that he showed to the many people who came out to see him at all the different bars, clubs, and coffeehouses he played in Chicago.

We'll see you soon.


Training Day Mixtape - 2008
Melvin Dillon Live at Cupid's - 2009
Roads Home Burn - Coming Soon.

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Set List

Set list can range from 15 minutes to 3 hours being the longest stint I've played.