Melvin Junko

Melvin Junko

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All originial content rhymes, written, recorded in Salt Lake City, New York, Arizona. All beats sample based from various genres produced on a AxiomPro 61 Key and Reason 6.


Melvin Junko is a producer that is quickly becoming a name you should familiarize yourself with. He resides in Salt Lake City, Utah but has been in New York and Arizona in recent years. Having worked with such artists as Copywrite, AWAR, Blu, The Vinylcologist, Dope City Saints, Dark Star, Ses Da Great, Mic Lanny, MC Pig Pen, Abstract Rude, Burnell Washburn, Juice Mega, Task Rok, Bad Seed, Chino XL, Yo Gotti, GM, Hell Razah, and many, many more along the way, it's quite clear he has been pushing to build the name and get to where he is heading and beyond that in the industry. Having a catalog of 12 albums under his belt since 2009, some of which he has produced entirely himself and features various artists, and some others produced and he rhymed on them. Melvin Junko is going to be someone fans of hip-hop and emcee's alike are going to be looking at in the very near future.


The Ones That Made It EP - May 2013
Scattered Shrapnel - December 2011
The Murder City Beat Tape - August 2011
Everythingz Drugz - February 2011
Rmxs Nshit Instrumental Tape - January 2011
The Secret EP (prod. by Dr. Khil) - January 2011
Remixes Nshit - January 2011
Junk Mail - October 2010
Way Out West - July 2010
The Melvin Rocswell EP w/ Kasi Rocswell - May 2010
Junk Food - February 2010
Junk In The Trunk - August 2009

Set List

Various per show.