Mel Watson

Mel Watson

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Folk fusionist and music practitioner. Australian artist Mel Watson, formerly of the band FRUiT, combines her dynamic vocal range and masterful use of a myriad of acoustic instruments to create a thoughtful and eclectic blend of folk. Her musicianship ignites any festival or venue setting.


PO BOX 1101, Clinton, WA 98236 ph:1 360 331 3938

Vocalist/ Songwriter/ Bouzouki/ Guitar/ Trumpet/ Baritone Horn/ Saxophone/ Tenor
Horn/ Flute/ Percussion/ Bass

In 2006, Mel Watson, one of the members of the highly acclaimed Australian
band FRUiT, disbanded the band, and moved to Seattle, Washington to be with
her American partner and focus on meditation practice and study. It had been a wonderful life of frantic international touring, recording and
releasing albums with the band, and also releasing her own solo works in amongst
the frenzy. She was also one of the directors of the bands independent label
Fruitmusic. She let go of everything she knew, her home in Adelaide, her band
of 12 years and life as she knew it, to refocus and re balance, desperately trying
and find the missing pieces of a life that had become slightly mechanical and too work focused. She described this longing as "discover or die."
Now, six years later with many strong changes under her belt and feeling more
in balance.
Mel’s music has become an expression of a life changed.
She still owns and runs a very, very small independent label called 100th
Monkey Records, and releases her own works through that label. She also
sometimes helps other Aussie bands come to America to tour.
Today her life is grounded in her meditation practice, also volunteering as a
teacher helping others to find inner peace.
Mel laughs “ I thought I was going to have to go to India, the land of spiritual
practice, to find what I was looking for. I found it in America!
Mel plays music at festivals and venues in America, Canada and Australia, sharing her perspective through her outstanding and award
winning musical talents.

The latest album Bouzouki Traveler was created
after falling down a flight of stairs and subsequent shoulder surgery and rehab. "I discovered a new passion for a new instrument that I learned to play during my recovery. Due to this crazy injury I was unable to play any of my other instruments for many, many long months, but this obstacle actually transformed into a gift, and lead to my love of the bouzouki. I feel like I have found an old friend that sits close and upright. Not the traditional way of playing it, but it feels just right for me. This album represents the beginning of another beautiful musical journey. One of my favorite tracks is the title track (above title 'inner traveler'), an instrumental, that arose as easily as opening a door in a dream and walking into an emerging new and fantastic world that is somehow familiar and fresh, like returning home" Mel Watson.

" In all my decades in the music biz,
I have not witnessed anyone who lives,
sleeps and breathes music anymore than her."
Don Bird
Artistic & Creative director/ Producer/
Production Manager, Toronto, Canada.
"Mel Watson plays a variety of horns and pours out vocals that seem to channel both
James Brown and Aretha Franklin"

Quick recent points!
Released 5 new independent records.
Bouzouki Traveler
Travelin’ Light
Compassionism (a compilation album for P.E.T.A featuring Sia, The John
Butler Trio, The Waifs, Catie Curtis and many more……..)
* Appeared as guest musician on Legendary Women’s Music Artist, Cris Williamson’s
Album ‘Winter Hearts’.
* Appeared at Cris Williamson’s Cd’s Launch for ‘Winter Hearts’ (Toured West Coast).
* Appeared as guest artist with Erin McKeown.
* Appeared as guest artist and support for Catie Curtis.
* Appeared as guest artist with Lisa Koch.
* Appeared at The Kate Wolf Music Festival.
* Appeared at The Chico World Music Festival.
* Appeared at The Robson Valley Music Festival.
* Appeared at the Northern California Women’s Festival.
* Vancouver Island Folk Fest
* Islands Folk Fest
* US/ Can/ Aust Touring.
* US/ Canadian booking for Australian Artist The Rosie Burgess Trio.
* Mentor for young artist through Carclew Youth Arts Program in

Most outstanding instrumentalist 2001 - 2005
Winner of the Queen’s trust award for young Australians
for ‘The Into One Project’ 1999 (raising money and awareness for
Animal Liberation and International Fund for Animal Welfare through music production)
Most outstanding vocalist 2003 (nominated)
Fruit ‘best live album in Australia’ 2002/ 2003 ‘Live at the Basement’
Most outstanding songwriter 2003 (nominated)
Winner - "Best Up and Coming Live Act in Australia"
Winner - "Best Emerging Act in South Australia"
Nomination - "Best Live Act in Australia"
Most outstanding instrumentalist 2001 - 2005
Most outstanding instrumentalist 1995 - 1998
Most outstanding vocalist 2003 (nominated)
Fruit ‘best live album in Australia’ 2002/ 2003 ‘Live at the Basement’
Most outstanding songwriter 2003 (nominated) Vocalist
Young Australian of the year award 1999 semi-finalist.
Achievement Award 1997 Mel Watson & Bev Luff for The Into One Project


1989 – 2012

Bouzouki Traveler
Travelin’ Light
Vox Humana
Live at the Church
Live at the Basement
Here for days
Limited US release
Did you ever wish ?
This house

Set List

1 x 45 or

2 x 45

1 x 50 or
2 x 50

(+ encores)