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The best kept secret in music


Members Of The Yellow Press. Noise darlings of Big Action Records. They are from Milwaukee and take great pride in writing complicated songs with complicated time structures....if you are a fan of shellac or mathy rock, check them out now! -

Review of Split w/ The Gammits

Far more engagingly offbeat and angular, the seven contributions from Members Of The Yellow Press flit skillfully between groove-punk dissonance ("A Manifesto"), post-punk wrigglings (the complete-with-xylophone "Blink And Breathe"), lo-fi basement pop ("Causes") and searing blasts of screamy noise ("Cut The Wires"). There are even some curious found-sound instrumental inserts (the eerie "This Is Yours, You Can't Be...Trusted"), which contribute to a heightened air of foreboding creepiness. Representing two wonderfully disparate flips of the punk-rock coin, this is an excellent punk split and a terrific Wisconsin punk primer, albeit one that requires gainful employment of your CD player's random-play function. - Splendid Magazine


Cut the Wires & Blink and Breathe are currently receiving play at NYC clubs via DJ Mojo. The songs have also been used as part of Urban Outfitters 14th st Flagship store location (NYC) daily mixes. Various other songs are played on indie stations across the country and specifically at home on Milwaukee's 91.7 WMSE, weiadhf(minneapolis) and WFMU (New York) with particularly heavy rotation on the WFMU.

Full Length:
Bang a Gong - 2002
This is Yours You Cant Be ... Trusted - 2004
New Album Being Recorded - 2006

Chicago's Rec Record Compilation w/ Murder by Death & The Ghost - 2004
The Gammits MW / Members of the Yellow Press
"Teetering on the Edge of Destruction" (Big Action)


Feeling a bit camera shy


This band was created 5 yrs ago by 4 guys living in Racine, WI but have since relocated to a more populated Milwaukee. Being from the Midwest is important I think. It gives the songs a place. It makes Members of the Yellow Press what it is. The Pogues could never have been from anywhere other than Ireland. Bruce Springsteen could only be from Jersey. I'd like to think where we’re from comes through in the songs. However, sometimes it can work against you and limit the amount of exposure other bands calling major metropolises home are lucky enough to experience. We have to work harder and tour more to get our music out there and build ourselves a strong fan base, but we are determined to do so.

Our shows are great and we make sure to bring everything we have to our performances and keep the audience interested and participating. You want some 7/8 time that you can bob your head to? Done. You want a band that plays so hard they are almost, almost, too exhausted to shake your hand when you tell them they played an amazing show? You got it. Knowing that we are up against Playstation, 500 channel cable tv, internet porn and cell phones-- we make sure to push our level of intensity to the breaking point. It is not uncommon to see our fans dancing wildly -- sweaty and smiling.

Four years ago we self-released our first record called "Bang A Gong" as a quiet homage to T Rex, not knowing a few short years later it would be featured in a car commercial. In 2004 we released our E.P. "This is Your's You Can't Be...Trusted" as part of a split on Big Action records in Minneapolis. Shortly after that we contributed to a compilation put out by Rec Records in Chicago. Surely we are spreading out through the midwest and onward as we are consistently touring the southern states and the east coast bringing our heartland heartfelt rock to the country. If there is an open stage we are thankful to play it.

It's positive, it's honest. It's anti punk rock attitude while embracing punk rock tempo. It's intelligent Indie while rejecting the pretentiousness formally associated with the genre. It's hardcore without the muscle and rock without the cock. It's fun. And who doesn't like fun? Afterall, these qualities are what Milwaukee is known for. Home is where the heart is afterall.

Influenced by/ Compared to:
- Fugazi
- Les Savy Fav
- Pavement
- Bear vs. Shark
- Misfits
- Q and not U