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Memo started in 2005 as a side project for Philadelphia area Engineer/Producer William J. Sullivan. The project took on full form in 2006 when his main band Architects... went on an indefinete hiatus.

After recruiting a slew of musicians, Memo soon became more than just a studio project. With a digital E.P. comoing out at the start of the new year, 2008 promises to be a big year for this group.


End of August

Written By: William J. Sullivan

The Same Mistakes
Play out in different ways
I'm afraid and ashamed
I let go, let go again.  
Broken Promises
Regretting Carelessness
Feeling Nervous
I'm only asking for forgiveness

Intoxicated by something other than you
You never dreamed this when we were introduced
Close your eyes, it's not our night
I guess that plan worked out all right
Like playing records backwards, waking up in strange places
Distanced by an hour and a half speration
Small city girl and a big town boy gone
I can't seem to stop doing things wrong
I'd ask for a second chance, but I lost that one
Maybe a third, but I think that's been done
Light skin smooth, determined with a big heart
The closer we get, the further we're apart
I barely know myself I need to take a step back
Check out the forest, take a couple deep breaths, relax
I admit you deserve better
But I hope we think of each other until forever

The Movie Life

Written By: William J. Sullivan

Now I'm at a loss for words
I want to live a life from the movies
Where everything goes wrong so perfectly
Loves around every corner ironically
Nothings the way that it is here
Change a scene, blink an eye, skip ahead ten years
The days usually end in your favor
Nothings out of reach and nothings too dangerous
When it's time for you to cry there's always someone to call
And when it's time to break hearts there's always someone to fall
There's never going to be a shortage of happy endings
And there's an abundance of alternatives pending
You can sit back and listen to the soundtrack of your life
Skim through the tunes and shut off the ones you don't like
Beggin' to reach that plain of perfection
Forget all this hassle and pointless direction

Move out to Cali and tan on the beaches
Attended the biggest parties and hang out with leeches
Tune up your throat and don't think about it twice
Smile for the camera and enjoy the movie life

King of the...

Written By: William J. Sullivan

With the smell of a hazel nut candle blown out
That shit burns like a red head crush
That summer just couldn't shave it right
Back and forth like the kids on a cool Sunday night
Break it down a bit, and tape it back together
Fast forward, now rewind just a bit better

You can stay in your city of angels
I'll just eat up all my big apples

Spit it out too, and a little Neal
He thought he could hypnotize, but I just couldn't feel it
While letting go, when I didn't want to
Now I'm glad that I'll never see you
Again, I'll repeat my words like all of my mistakes
Leave a job and not have another the next day

Fold your hands, say goodbye
Now pray for it, now close your eyes

Played on broken strings and hollow keys
While dogs bark, thunder sings to me
Days are slipping by, and I'm letting go
Without a fight, now close the show
Re-arrange words, and make them say what you want
The calenders almost lost all of it's months
We wont last for ever, I don't care what you believe
This is our time, This is our face, please listen to me


5 song E.P. "Things Get F*#ked Up"
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