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"Huntin' A Hurricane" (CD/LP) via Trickser Tonträger - March 2013



It’s not unknown for young adults to produce music that tells of the kind of profundity of experience and memories you would expect from a fifty-year-old. But this depth will often only become apparent if based on genuine depth of experience and emotion, something MEMORIEZ has plenty of. Songs that paint such a colourful picture of life, you’d think the narrator had seen every corner of the globe. MEMORIEZ is all about inspired song writing, moving melodies and beautiful instrumentation. This band is too complex to be pigeonholed – and a good thing, too. With its Beck-like wealth of ideas, combined with a powerful wind section and soul elements reminiscent of Dr. John, MEMORIEZ plays truly international pop.

It’s no coincidence that the four lads who make up MEMORIEZ are from Hamburg, a city whose maritime gateway to the world and creativity have inspired exceptional music in the past. MEMORIEZ has got its finger on the pulse. With his soulful vocals, singer-songwriter Joachim Zunke beguiles his listeners over and over with a voice reminiscent of the Eels, Wilco or the Black Keys. In collaboration with Hamburg-based producer Kristian Kühl, MEMORIEZ have created an outstanding debut album in which jazzy piano riffs are combined with soulful guitar sounds and dynamic wind instruments to create a relentless audio torrent that flows through peaceful pastureland, gargantuan cities and rugged mountains; panta rhei! Awash in this diverse landscape and combined with his simply incredible descriptive power, Joachim Zunke lays on experiences and memories from his wild life, which could serve as the inspiration for the 21st century’s most entertaining autobiographical novel. Rooted in soul and garage, MEMORIEZ have secured themselves the last shred of freedom in the form of honesty – audio authenticity!

Singer Joachim Zunke penned the song sketches for the MEMORIEZ debut album between 2010 and 2011 in the seclusion of his cellar in Hamburg. He was later joined by Sönke Holst (keyboards) and Stefan Meßfeldt (bass), with whom he transformed the sketches into this magnificent album at the end of 2011. With new drummer Marvin Thode, the band subsequently honed the music for the stage and in 2012 wowed audiences at the Fusion Festival and the Reeperbahnfestival in Hamburg. But MEMORIEZ are more than just a pop band; MEMORIEZ are the metaphorical spanner in the pop works. They have found a new home with young Berlin label Trickser, which has helped them break new ground. The label takes an international approach to its performers and, for all their musical multiculturalism, MEMORIEZ is certainly a band that can and does do without international boundaries. The MEMORIEZ debut album is due to appear on 28th March 2013. And one thing is certain; this launch will be spectacular!