Memphis 4 Now

Memphis 4 Now


The new, fresh sounds of this up and coming band is something you must experience. Memphis 4 Now performs as a true band, blending 5 instruments with rock, bluegrass, pop, funk, jazz, country, acoustic and cover songs, into a high energy show that is sure to please!


Memphis 4 Now is a musical explosion shared between 5 established musicians and friends that have something to prove. Our sound bridges old school Memphis rock and roll blues, jazz, bluegrass and country with a Chicago edge that is inspiring and progressive, truely a unique sound. Memphis 4 Now has been making a name for themselves in the Chicagoland area and Knoxville, Tennessee area for the past two years with their enthusiastic and tasteful live shows. With their first self-titled full length cd, Memphis 4 Now is poised to bring their music to the fore-front of the popular culture.


Headin' North

Written By: James Graves

Kickin' ass, bring the pain, follow a dream, reason ignoredMy name is hope, I'm headin' northUncertain future, no dollar bills, I do what I want, I want what I loveI'm headin' northMomma don't think it's wise, to chase this f*ckin' dream, there's hard work ahead for this young manMy name is hope, I'm headin' northI feel like I'm driving drunk, trouble ahead, lady in redMy name is hope, I'm headin' northChorusWhat does is mean to be a human being?Could it be a lot simpler than it seems?Cause true resolve takes patience and timeSometimes everything you got ain't gonna beJust fine!A lover's quarrel, ain't nothing wrong, ain't nothing rightpick up the phone!My name is hope, I'm headin' northLeave it behind, ignore your mind, rewind time, myself I'll findMy name is hope, I'm headin' northJust keep in tune, we'll break out soon, we'll never change, we'll stay the sameMy name is hope, i'm headin' northMusic is hope, knowledge to cope, better than dope, I'll never chokeMy name is hope, I'm headin' northHold on, take it all in, cause this man in the mirror, is growing inTsunami's and hurricanes, may one day, take this world awaySo don't hold on, quite so tight, but hold on just enough to where it feels just rightOpen your heart, open your mind, cause what you got, is getting hot, like a burning potCan you feel it getting hot?I'm heading north, I'm heading northFight the good fight and keep the faith, yo keep the faith, finish the race!My name is hope, I'm headin' northWe conclude this song, with one profound though, you got to live your life without regretMy name is hope, I'm headin' north

Old Man Winter

Written By: James Graves

It was 1993, when this old man he said to me, never trust a pretty girl, they're just out to get a pearlI did not hear what he said, and now that man I'm sure he's dead, but he's laughing in his graveCause' a what happened to me today now, yeahHappened to me today now, yeah, yeahNow in the year 2004, and I really want to score, introduce myself to a pretty girl, and she tells me she wants more nowSo I take her out to dinner, as my wallet's getting thinner, never heard from her againI should have listened to Old Man WinterOh lonely lustForget about my love (forget about my love)Get on the busSo now you know the story goes, you can never trust a hoBe the man you wanna be, love will find you in the seaAnd if you want to take a chance, at this thing we call romanceRoll the dice, it might be nice, you might get lucky once or twice nowOh lonely lustForget about my love (forget about my love)Get on the bus (get it on the bus)Cause the wheels go round now (and the wheel's go round now)Yeah, the wheels go round now (let the wheel's go round now)Yeah, the wheels go round now (and the wheel's go round now), so...So start fishing for another ladyYeah, the wheel's go round now (and the wheel's go round now)Yeah, the wheel's go round now (let the wheel's go round now)Yeah, the wheel's go round now (and the wheel's go round now)Yeah, the wheel's go round now (let the wheel's go round now)Yeah, the wheel's on the bus go round and roundYeah, the wheel's on the bus go round and roundYeah, the world goes round now (and the world goes round now), so...So start fishing for another ladyDon't do it again now, be fine, this time I'm a make Jack Daniels mineI got a stomach full oh yeah, and I'm about to free my mindCause I want to forget about a girl, yeah she took my innardsPut them in blender, making some dinner, with a new man, big spenderOh don't do it again nowDon't do it again, don't do it again, don't do it again, don't do it again,Don't do it again!

Lamoine Creekin'

Written By: Kurt Kalinka

Youre headin' west on highway 88I was doing 74 with a missionAnd color gets lighter than ever beforePeople smile not caring what they are in forIts what we call, Crooked creekin'We were hearing sounds I said they were coming from the  LamoineYou wake up to the fire goneYou reach for your covers, and realize they are goneBecause you were crooked, crooked creekin to the Lamoine sounds, crooked creekin' yeah!

When it Rains

Written By: James Graves

We were friends at one time, curiously attracted to one another
You had your boy, I had my girlgfriend, too, but there was no jealousy, cause we both knew
That one day we'd be together, one day we'd fall, in love
It was just so beautiful, then we lost touch
I hope I see you when it rains,
Cause it's getting hot here in the sun
The summer breezes take their course, oh
As the clouds disappear from the sky

I went to college, two years later, so did you
You stayed with him, but were calling me when you were blue
It's not like we didn't know, that we cared bout' one another
But it's not like we didn't care that we knew bout' one another
Than finally after some six years,
you broke up with him, now your finally free
This moment I've been waiting for, oh was finally here
(back to Chorus)
Could I fall in love again, till the end my one lost friend, cause I don't believe in self-pity and abandonment
You'll always make me smile, though we may never walk that aisle
Cause with life, you gotta move on, and get your groove on, just to survive,oh, but I still
(back to chorus)
I hope I see you when it rains
I hope I see you when it rains
I still think about you all the time, can't seem to get you off my mind,
girl I hope I see you when it rains

When it rains (the summer breezes gonna take there course)
When it rains (the clouds gonna fill the countryside)
When it rains (everything will be ok)
Will I see you again, when it rains?


Memphis 4 Now self-titled first CD.
Available on all online Digital Distributers.

Set List

Headin' North
Old Man Winter
When It Rains
Dixieland Blues
Lamoine Creekin'
Promises of Joy
Sure Can Try
Sweet Summertime Ride
Wherever you May Go
Jazz Couch Castle
Paradise lost but found
Yes! Jam
Broken Down
Make you feel better
Guilty as Charged
Regular Sunday
Irregular Friday
Fuel for another Day
Why ask Why?
and more...

Say it aint' so - weezer
Sweet home Alabama
Simple Man
Cant you see
Share the land
Red hot chili Peppers
Dave Matthews