Memphis Graham

Memphis Graham


Within the "local" scene, which has been washed out with the same bands attempting to repeat the same sounds, Memphis Graham offers a breath of fresh air. Influences ranging from blues, to rock, to folk, and from the Beatles to James Brown, MG is winning over fans tired of the local scene sound.


Beginning in October of 2008, Memphis Graham came together to start a musical project strictly for the art, passion, and meaning true music has to offer. The four members have all been playing within the local scene for over eight years - some bands receiving national attention, signing to labels, and playing sold out shows at the Metro and House of Blues.

However, Memphis Graham offers a new vibe and inspiration that is proving to win over fans tired of the local scene, and turning heads of prominent members of the music industry. Recently, Memphis Graham's first single "El Oh Ve Ee" was added into rotation at 93.1 WXRT in Chicago.

Memphis Graham's influences range from rock, to folk, to blues, to funk. From the Beatles, to James Brown, to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

With the attention they have received from fans and the music industry since their inception in fall of 08, Memphis Graham is sure to make a big name for themselves in 2009.


Memphis Graham - Memphis Graham (2009). First single: El Oh Ve Ee. Tracks are streaming on myspace at Memphis Graham was added into rotation at 93.1 WXRT Chicago in March of 2009.

Set List

Set list depends on the the length given for set. We can play up to an hour and a half. Typically we do not do covers but we do occasionally add in "Get Back" by the Beatles and "Alison" by Elvis Costello. A typical 45 minute set would include our original songs: El Oh Ve Ee, I Am Love, Song of Desperate Southern Gentleman, The Coming Son, Bombs Away, Bungee Jump, Homemade Jesus, Spaceland, and Everybody's Having Fun.