memphis linzy

memphis linzy


Rock and Roll. Southern fried old school style with looks, hooks, licks and shtick. Part Clash, part Cash. Y'all come back now ya hear!


The new single from Memphis Linzy's first solo record, "Rock&Roll Save My Soul" is quickly being added to playlist all over the country. A catchy high energy tune about growing up around the legendary Memphis music scene and a late night conversation with the King. Keepin the fire of ole Memphis rockabilly lit, sour mashin it up with punk rock, the blend comes out smooth potent 'shine. Part Clash, part Cash. Memphis Linzy, is the lead singer/guitarist of legendary underground Colorado band Discolored Perception. Bustin loose from the band for a solo record, Linzy has performed with some legends over the years including Iggy Pop, Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Walter Lure(The Heartbreakers), and Mike Watt(Minutemen) and played some legendary places like CBGBs in New York. Touring extensively with several national tours under his belt, opening for the likes of Agent Orange, Dead Kennedys, Blitz, and Total Chaos and even the Metal Band Quiet Riot. Cum on fell the noize! Armed with a 1978 Black Les Paul, a Marshall Stack, and a car crash smile, the music is as contagious as it is dangerous. Rock and Roll is alive again!


Memphis(Rock&Roll Save My Soul)

Written By: mempis linzy

Late one night in Memphis, Tennessee Late one night in Overton Park Late one night on Union Avenue I saw the king he said "it's good to be king, only a king knows what it's like to be king" I saw the king he said "it's good to be king, the king has left the building" I saw the king he said "it's good to be king, there's only one king of rock&roll Rock&Roll save my soul


Rock&Roll Save My Soul 2008-single currently in rotation at KSPN-Aspen, Co 103.1 FM; WEVL-Memphis, Tn 89.9 FM; 91X-San Diego, Ca 91.1; FM 91.3 KMSA Grand Junction, Co; KDNK 88.1 Glenwood Springs, Co. KSNO 103.9 Aspen, Co; MAGIC 93.1 Grand Junction, Co

Set List

Rumble/Memphis/7 Day Weekend/Psycho/Harder They Come/Over your Head/Turgidity/Miss Hollywood/Killer 82/Somewhere/Take You Out/Hold The Applause/Tommorow Never Comes/Circus Boy/Baby Talk 45min-1hour 30min