Memphis Morticians

Memphis Morticians


Raw and uncooked garage-a-billy confusion


NYC's finest horrobilly-trash'n'roll fuzzpunks actually started about 8 years ago playing 2 1/2 chord swamp trash and Meteors and Lord Sutch covers backed by a continuous loop of Halloween sound effects for a crowd of confused death rockers. Response was so good they promptly broke up for 4 years. However, you can't keep a good band down and with the promise of 2 or 3 free drink tickets and the opportunity to be banned from clubs in Manhattan you couldn't keep them down either. Then begins the tumultuous period known as the Age of Revolving Guitarists and Drummers that was finally resolved with the arrival of Crypt-o-Fur and Frito. They passed the rigorous approval process by actually knowing who the Vibes and the Raymen were and by being willing to dress up like idiots onstage. Later it was discovered they played instruments also.

There followed many exciting gigs with bands people actually like such as: the Kings of Nuthin', Tim Polecat, Mad Sin, Robert Gordon, the Monsters, the Gutter Demons, the Vibrators, Coffin Nails, Horror Pops, Deabolt, Deja Voodoo, and they rocked in the New Year with Nigel Lewis (of the Meteors & Tallboys fame).

The Morticians have finally started doing some recording which has led to the release of a 7-inch on Space Hearse Records (available at Spindrift Records), their first full length album (released on Kaiser Records) and comp tracks for new releases by Necrotone Records and Kaiser Records. So if a band that's half rockabilly, half garage, and half drunk is yer cup of formaldehyde come on down and swig along to the sound of rubber insects.


-Primitive Trashman and 13 Other Love Songs - Full length CD
-Greetings From the Memphis Mortuary
45 rpm 7"
-Kaiser Records: Soundtrack to Oblivion
Compilation CD
-Necro-Tone Records: Pledge Your Allegiance To Satan
Compilation CD
-God Save The King : Tribute To The King (Elvis Tribute comp)

Set List

5min- 2hrs
Combination of Originals and old school rockabilly garage covers