Memphis P. Tails

Memphis P. Tails


Raw, in-your-face, guitar driven, roots blues and blues rock, music with classic blues roots and a Texas edge. Brain-bending guitar work, solid rhythm, and a stage presence that cannot be matched. Incredible tone, dynamic rhythm section, and vocals of pure grit and soul. Blues done right.


When you talk about the Memphis P. Tails, you’re talking blues. The real blues. The roots. Simple. Raw. In-your-face. No studio tricks, no glossy polish. No pretense. Not “blues funk”, or any other sort of blues derivative. Straight blues,with no chaser, the real deal, without apologies. Real three-piece blues with roots in the raw, genuine sound of the Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi delta blues, with a little Chicago thrown in for good measure. A classic sound, that is a throwback to the true roots of blues and blues rock. A sound fifteen years in the making, and much longer in its formation and development. A sound so distinctive, so compelling, that it gets down to the bottom of your soul – and stays there. The blues is universal – and the P. Tails are masters of the genre.

Albuquerque blues guitar virtuoso Darin Goldston formed the Memphis P. Tails in 1992, and they continue to lay down their own unique brand of thundering roots blues today. Members have come and gone, faces and clubs have changed over the years, but what has remained constant are the gritty vocals, solid songwriting, and explosive blues guitar vision of Darin Goldston, founder and frontman of the band. Darin is a native of Roswell, New Mexico, by way of Ada, Oklahoma. As a critically acclaimed young guitarist, he played in Albuquerque area blues bands Cat Daddy and BarFly before forming the Memphis P. Tails, way back in 1992. Since then, Darin has won considerable acclaim nationally for his guitar playing and musical ability, and the band has been a solid and memorable presence both in Albuquerque, and throughout the Southwest. The band is quite simply the finest live act in the entire Southwest, and is renowned for their ability to take the simplest blues jam, and turn it into a mind-blowing, jaw-dropping live performance. As their sound has continued to evolve, the result is a raw, explosive, in-your-face style of roots blues music that will light you on fire, and simply cannot be ignored. One listen will leave you completely hooked, and wanting more.


The Memphis P. Tails -- 1999
White Trash, It Ain't Easy, and Mean Woman Blues are all played on regional radio in Colorado and New Mexico, and Texas, and on internet radio around the world. Our radio footprint increases every day.

Set List

Typical set list is a mix of originals and blues standards. Sets are typically 45 minutes to an hour, 3-4 nightly depending on the venue.

Normal set list might include:

Originals (not limited to these)

I Want To Be Your Only Man
Mean Woman Blues
White Trash
She's Mine
Lowdown Dirty Shame
Everybody's Blues
Walkin' Out On You

Covers might include (but not limited to):

A variety of songs from such artists as Magic Sam, Otis Rush, Johnny Winter, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Freddie King, etc