Me, Myself & I

Me, Myself & I



Ha, ha! Where do I begin?....Basically, I have written like, one song and that was way back when I was looking for my "one and only", my "special someone" to love me and complete me like, really and truly. I wasted the song on my former high-school sweetheart but deep in my heart I knew I was singing it to the wrong person..... I can hear the melody in my head, so it's really just a poem called 'Love Has Taken Wing'. It no longer means anything to me, in fact, now that I have met and married my One True Love of my Life, it makes me sad to think I ever shared this song with someone other than him. He is the epitome of masculinity, the essence of a man, and I love him soooo much. Our love truly has taken wing, especially after I thought I would never love again. We're at a bad place financiallyand I was just sitting here trying to figure out what I can do to make some money. I suddenly remembered the lyrics I wrote and figured, Hey, maybe I can make some money by selling them. I don't care if whomever purchases the song writes their own melody. I hear the melody in my head but don't have time, finances or resources to make a demo right now. So, I am all for selling the lyrics as is....if anyone's interested.


Nope, nothing, nada. Just a wing and a prayer! Ha, ha!