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Product of the Game- 2009 (Dat Piff)

Product of the Game 2, The 2nd Product- 2010 (Dat Piff)

Supply and Command- 2011 (Dat Piff)

Breaking The Scale-2012 (Dat Piff)

Mamma Want A Balla, Feat. Pancho V (Digital Release)



Menace Man aka “Good Bizness Menace” aka “Mr. Good Bizness” has been making waves in the underground scene in Houston with his first 4 Mixtapes “Product of the Game” and “Product of the Game Vol. 2: The 2nd Product”, “Supply and Command” and “Breaking the Scale”, all available at
Menace was born in San Antonio, moved between Houston and Galveston during his youth, therein getting exposed to not just the Houston scene but also that of other Texas music scenes growing up. This includes Tejano, Rap, Rock and R&B.
Always drawn to music, it was not until the loved ones around him insisted that he get out the streets that he decided to dedicate his life to Hip Hop and in 2009 he started with recording and dropping his first mixtape “Product of the Game” with the help of Houston’s own V-Zilla. Never one to follow and being raised by his mother and her love for ’70’s disco and rock Menace has been influenced by a wide range of music from Street Military to Wu Tang Clan to Donna Summers and Roberto Pulido just to name a few.
Therefore Menace’s style in turn is not typical of a southern “latin” artist and is part of a new wave of artists that draw upon every coast and genre under the sun for inspiration.
Menace has since been on a steady progression of building and making relationships with Houston’s bubbling underground scene, including participating in the now legendary “Kickback Sundays” that help push the careers of fellow new Houston Artist Dough Beezy.
Menace has been featured on several blogs including,,,,,, and Menace and his music videos have also been featured on TV’s shows Barrio Beats and Lala’s World and he has had radio play on internet stations Optimo Radio, G’D Up Radio as well as terrestrial stations The Beat 93.1 out of Amarillo during its “Latin Takeova” segment.
Menace Feat. La Conecta's track "Drank.Money.Pussy.Weed" was featured on the Jack Thriller Mixtape Series "The Co Sign" which was featured on and available for exclusive download on Dat Piff.
Menace was also featured in the Sept. 2011 edition of XXL magazine as part of the promo campaign for the Future of Music Vol.1, available on iTunes. Menace has been putting in work and wants to show the world that Houston Hip Hop is Alive and Well and Thriving with the Good Bizness Movement!
Sharing the stage and tracks with the likes of Lil Keke, J Dawg, Willie D, Rob G, Pancho V and GT Garza; Menace continues growing his fan base and showing the world his struggle and dedication to bring that Good Bizness Music to the masses.