Menage A Deux

Menage A Deux

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Original Acoustic Diversity, from pop to country, adult contemporary, rock, and even a little funk thrown in. Oh, and a few French songs (we are Menage A Deux after all)!


Brief Background on Sunnie & Al/Menage A Deux:
Singer/songwriter/musicians, just released our first CD of original music in 2007.
Band Social Status: Usually Married (to each other) J
Band Name & Size: Name morphs relative to number of band members who show up ... ie: Menage A Deux, Menage A Trois, Menage A Quatre... you get the idea
Residence: Boulder / LA / Austin / Paris / Itubera (we wish)
Place of Birth: We both grew up within blocks of each other in Littleton, Co,
But didn’t meet till years later…when our paths crossed at a music event.
Style: Music everyone in the office can agree to [ yeah, right! ]/i.e acoustic diversity.
Influences: Bonnie Rait, Sheryl Crow, Patty Griffin, Eagles, Beatles, Aretha, Lifehouse, Green Day, Dixie Chicks, Gram Parsons, Keith Urban … (in no logicial order).
Instruments: Acoustic & Electric Guitar & Mandolin (AL)and things that rattle (S).
Vocals: Sunnie: Electric, Award Winning, Spectacular! Al: Dylan meets Al Jolson?
Awards: Director’s Choice Award/Paramount Songwriting:“The Most Amazing View” (our wedding song), Radio Indy Gold Artist Award: Falling Down CD.
Education: Sunnie studied theater at CU Boulder (still dreams of being a movie star), also studied musical theater at UNLV, Al went to design school in Pasadena (he’s a fabulous artist), and has studied guitar for many many years!
We recently attended the ASCAP Music Expo in Hollywood, and we try to get to a songwriting festival at least once a year.
Other Talents: Graphic Design (Al), Acting (Sunnie), French (we do a few songs “en francaise!”), Fitness, and we are Passionate about Organic Nutrition and Keeping Things Green!

Favorite Venues/Events:
MGM Hotel / Las Vegas
Colgate Country Showcase / Colorado Finalist
Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge / Nashville, TN
Country Tonight Theatre / Knoxville, TN
Whole Foods Ranch / Austin, TX
Make A Wish Fundraiser / Denver, CO
Legends Sportsgrill/Denver, CO
Oriental Theater / Denver, CO
Herman’s Hideaway / Denver, CO
Rock n Soul Café / Boulder, CO
Natural Products Expo / Anaheim, CA
Lyon’s Song School/Lyons. CO
Anyplace Outdoors that pays!


Before You Know It

Written By: Sunnie Haeger

BEFORE YOU KNOW IT Sunnie and Al Haeger ©2006

Woke too early, tough times, Thick head, from too much tryin

Gotta look…beyond what’s troubling you
Feelin alone, even the cat don’t care,
Missed the lottery, it don’t seem fair
Everydays a miniseries… of the blues
Then you look into the mirror…

CH: Before you know it, all the kind things
Money in your pocket, passion in your dreams
Before you know it, a taste so sweet
hot cup of joe, with hazelnut crème
Before you know it, look in your heart
easy to see, how much you really got
Before you know it, a sign from above
That Someone—looks in your eyes
And you know you’ve got love!

Another dark dream, melts with the dawn,
Then the new day just turns you on
Keeps getting better, like your favorite radio song

Open the windows, reach for the sun
Livin this large is really fun
It’s a rush, when you realize you’re the one! To CH

BR: It was never—who’d win, how much, where or when
That weight—will soon be gone for good

Falling Down

Written By: Sunnie and Al Haeger

Falling Down Sunnie & Al Haeger ©2006

You wonder where we go from here as I choke on another round of tears
you say it’s just as well I created my own hell
the sky is grey and dirty and the leaves have fallen early
it’s November in September and it’s cold I feel old
I’m only 34, closing all my doors
How can I ask for more than this beauty all around
Still I keep falling down

You think if we let it go I’ll leave well enough alone
I don’t know we’ve been down this road before so damn self-absorbed
You ask why I don’t design my own heaven from these fears
The script is mine and it has been all these years
I keep trippin on my same mistakes, can’t see the lesson thru the pain,
So grateful for this love I’ve found
Still I keep falling down

Down into this web of lies, down into your deep blue eyes
Down into this compromise of love
Down into this lonely space and down into your warm embrace
Down into a place from where I can only rise up

There’s comfort in how things remain the same, yet I long for change
To slip out of my skin and somehow begin again
I know the answer lies within my heart, still I’m swimming in the dark
Searching for a brand new start to make the best of where we are
Must be a blessing in this curse, I know things could be so much worse
Than this magic that surrounds me
Still I keep falling down

Chorus-down into these alibis, down into your distant eyes…
Down into this compromise of love,
Down into this dreamless state and down into your warm embrace
Down into a place from where I can only rise up

You wonder where we go from here as I choke on another round of tears
That just keep falling down, oh I keep falling down, still I’m falling down

Almost Feels Like Love

Written By: Sunnie and Al Haeger

ALMOST FEELS LIKE LOVE Key of Cm Sunnie and Al Haeger

Sometimes, you get so close, I can feel the rushing wind
Sometimes, we almost touch, through the clouds
Sometimes, when you are near, We can almost rise above
Sometimes, I think, it almost feels like love

Somedays, we nearly meet, then you run away again
Some ways we are complete, others so far
Sometimes we lose our grasp, then you hold me like a friend
Sometimes, I think, it almost feels like love

Then one day we were running, one day we were running
like two lovers in a trance
Avoiding the crowds and avoiding our doubts
taking a lover's chance
The first kiss said hello, soon, you had to go
I guess you didn't know, if it was love

Sometimes, you call me up, You just want to hear my voice
Sometimes, you just stop by, after all, we're friends
Sometimes, you take my hand, or give me a playful shove
Sometimes, I think, it almost feels like love


Keep On Driving (for Layney)

Written By: Sunnie and Al Haeger

Keep On Driving ©2007 Sunnie and AL Haeger

She’s packed her things and she’s loaded up her car
She’s got her Stetson hat and her Gibson guitar
She’s on her way to Nashville, she’s going to seek her fame
Someday you’ll know her name

She’s got her vintage wear and her old beat up boots
She’s not a Southern girl, but country’s in her roots
She’s got a voice to haunt you deep down in your soul
The roadmap in her eyes, tells where she’ll go

Just keep on driving—you’re on your way
Keep on drivin the road to fame
You’re gonna make it, this is your turn
Just keep on driving—you’ll be there soon……Keep on driving

She calls me up from Memphis, she wants to turn around
Can’t see through all the tears and her heart is full of doubts
She’s my baby sister and my very best friend
I miss her, but I know she’s gonna win


She’s been dreaming of this day for 20 years
She knows it’s now or never in this game
It’s time to take her chances and put away her fears
Someday everyone’s gonna know her name…..



CD-"Falling Down"
Released June 2007, available on and Itunes

Set List

Mostly Originals--all the songs on our CD plus many new tunes, and our covers include songs by our favorite artists (see above influences), several French songs, and a few Motown numbers.