Mendez & Muna

Mendez & Muna

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Mendez & Muna play electro house music with strikes in downtempo and hip hop


"2 elektro guys pimpin the machines" - Mendez & Muna are a electronic duo studio-based in teh east coast of Italy. They formed the project on 2006 and the won the Nokia for Music 2006 as best DJ Producers, performing their first act in Florence in the same lne up with Gothan Project, Tiga and Timo Maas. On 2007 thy won as best hip hop project the MEI HIP HOP Awards. On 2008 the hae been chosed by QOOB/MTV Italy to perform ther dj set inside Audiovisiva at Milano. On 2009 they have been choosen as one of the best 10 remixers in the OceanTrax Remix Contest sponsored by Oceantrax (Bini & Martini) and NokiaTrendsLab.
Actually they're publishing with BlissCo the most powerful italian dance indie label.


Releases: "Drummerlover" Nokia, 2006 - "End of Samsara" Messaggerie Musicali, 2007 - "Elektro Highway" (EP), BeatGusto, 2007 - Pursuit ft. Styux (club edit), Oceantrax, 2008 - EYJ feat Love Markow "More in russian" RMX, LBA Records, 2009 - EYJ and friends "Defì d'humour", RMX, LBA Records, 2009 - "Elektro marxmen" (CD), Back Style, 2009 - Attack Flamingo "Burning" RMX, LBA Records, 2009 - ELLE A "Jet set" RMX, Oceantrax, 2009 - She gets nervous feat. Styux, BlissCo, 2009 - Taste feat. Bruno Valeri, Reshape, 2009 - Chemical feat. Styux, BlissCo, 2009 - Musicbump feat. Freestyle Master "No control", RMX, Firefunk, 2009 -

Set List

The set is a typical dj set. As needed it can start from 30 minutes to 2 hours