Mendle Mews

Mendle Mews


This is a one-man set of keyboard and drum-machine driven electronic/folk songs.


The Mendle Mews project began in late 2006. It was a transitional period for the members having been mostly engaged in very fast rockabilly and rock and roll music. After a difficult experience trying to form a rock band in memphis TN. Mr. Mews used influences of bands such as Devo, The Unicorns, and Daniel Johnston to create sounds very different than he had in the past.
Moving to Murfreesboro, TN in 2007 he began work with local guitar player, Seth Moore, with the project "The Productive Organs." The productive organs performed several shows at local venues and house parties and was well-accepted in the local music/art-scene. Since the seperation of "The Productive Organs" both artists have continued being "productive" with their own art.
Most Recently, Mendle has released an EP called "Fiver." a collection of five demo tracks containing songs from his contribution to the productive organs set, and is currently working on a full length album which he hopes to promote this summer with a Nationwide tour of his music.


"Kids Album, a compilation of original music for children"
"Fiver" (a five song ep)
"__________" Full length album currently underway.

Set List

My set consists of about 8-11 songs. and lasts about 30-40 minutes.
The songs include:
semiaquatic life
what a loss
Jesus, Let's be friends
Little things
P.S. I love you
crazy world
precious stature
what a loss
instrumentals as well.