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The best kept secret in music


"Mendoza - The Jonnie Reb EP"

Mendoza, sounds familiar you might think, indeed it is, McBain’s arch enemy, a surprisingly helpful adversary of Esteban who searched long and hard for those forever lost cities of gold, even a world famous wine producing region in Argentina; but although all are close none are quite what we’re on about today.

They are in truth a quartet of alt rockers from somewhere in the greater Dublin area although their name is soon to be known in the four corners, along the sides and even throughout the middle of this fair green isle. They’ve built a bit of name for themselves so far, attracting large crowds and some major label attention with their semi-legendary live performances; semi-legendary obviously as to be a true legend one must have been deceased for a number of years and historical facts about your prowess and origin must have become confused to the point that no one is sure if you were real or some fancy of a befuddled mind. This is always the case with legends and never should the term be used to describe living beings, unless they should happen to be a rebirth or reincarnation of some long lost forgotten hero which however unlikely is still possible, remember how the Isle of Man got where it is today (you can still see the tears around the edges of Lough Neagh where the mighty Fionn ripped it out).

However, I digress, Mendoza have just released an E.P. The Jonnie Reb E.P, four songs packed to the hilt with ballsy bass, screaming guitars and healthy dose of vocal acrobatics from lead singer Conor Wilkins. The songs each twist and wind their way to sublime crescendos that leave a dull throb in the back of the neck form the involuntary head shaking that occurs while you listen.

“Cut the Wire” starts big and grows, climaxing in a delightful piece of lead guitar that screams out to be used at this year’s Air Guitar Championships; it could well be a winner but would definitely make a podium finish in the right hands.

“Wave Beneath the Sea” is an altogether lighter proposition, drifting and melodious as the title might imply and yet not without its technical proficiencies from the axe-wielders, almost as haunting in its beginnings as some of the more left of field dance acts and yet it still hangs on to its humble rock beginnings. It’s not hard to see why this one is their most listened to track on their webpage.

Things get a little punkier with “People in Glass Houses”. The riff throughout this song is a killer and it doesn’t look like the feds can catch up with it, its running rampant across the Midwest and it’s coming to a deserted farmhouse near you… soon. Things get darker towards the bridge and then its pure power to bring us home. My favourite track of the four it sings softly to me from below my window and even though my father and its are mortal enemies I feel I must run away with it for now that I have tasted such love I can never go back.

“The Last Alliance” maintains the dirty rock outlook, sounding more QOTSA then ATDI (never fear, there’s an appendix at the end) this one churns and stomps its way along with a punchy chorus that they’ll be bouncing to at the festivals this summer if the powers that be know a good thing when the see it, or hear it, or just know anything about the kinds of bands that should be playing at these things (see latest Oxygen line-up for a small clue as to how well informed the organisers are).

Overall a solid debut and one that will leave the public howling like outraged Muslims for more. This band tears it up like so few do these days and they seem to have found a balance between writing good songs and making a different noise to everyone else. A good sound, some lean, mean guitar and rich vocals give Mendoza something a little extra over the swilling masses of musical mediocrity that populate our stages right now.

All together now, in your best Ranier Wolfcastle …


Damn, this review only had one day till retirement.

"Road Records Review on 28 Days/Lights out"

'this is a very fine mix of eighties new wave meets modern day indie rock sounds, similar at times to the likes of interpol with their punchy slightly darkwave tinged sounds, its highly infectious stuff and well worth your attention'. - Road Records


April 2007 - Debut single 28 days/lights out
March 2006 - The Jonnie Reb EP

Radio Airplay on :
Alison Curtis's Today FM show
Phantom FM
Near FM
The Indie Hour


Feeling a bit camera shy


Mendoza are a 4 piece alternative/electro band from Meath/Kildare that have built up a reputation on the Dublin music scene in 2006-07 for incendiary live shows as well as a vibrant, exciting sound.

As well as alternative rock and indie, Mendoza infuse new-wave & electro influences with the addition of synthesizers and other electronic equipment to their existing sound arsenal of hook-laden rhythms and layered guitars. The band features Conor Wilkins (guitar/voice/keys), Wayne Fahy (bass/voice/synth), Donal Fleming (drums/percussion) and Kevin Brew (guitars/keys). Since they began to play live in January 2006, their show has been likened to bands such as At The Drive-In and Muse, due to the energy and passion that emanates from the stage.

A fantastic reaction from both crowds and promoters alike in early 2006 resulted in radio play on shows such as The Indie Hour on Anna Livia FM and Sounds of the Suburbs on NEAR FM. Mendoza’s return release ‘The Jonnie Reb EP’ was snapped up after shows in venues such as The Sugar Club, Temple Bar Music Centre, Radiator in Eamonn Doran’s, Shotgun Club in Voodoo and Paul Flynn’s in Waterford. It also received a very positive review on music website

July 06 saw a very busy period for the band, starting with Mendoza playing support to Love Lies Sleeping, from Los Angeles, California on their Irish tour, who had just finished collaborating with Juliette Lewis for their new album. Next up was the opening of electro club night Bed at The Underground in Kennedy’s, where Mendoza played on Thursday July 27th. Then on to a show in the massive Bowery venue in Waterford the next night and at The Saturday Sessions in Carlow on the 29th. London followed in early August with a show in The Soho Spice in Leicester Square a request to return later in the year. Back at home they were offered a headline slot at The Volt Sessions (Electric Fix) and a showcase gig with Dublin promoters Gigevent.

Mendoza also set up and run one of Dublin’s best club nights, Death Via Satellite in Eamonn Dorans on one Tuesday per month, (moving to Friday’s from July 07) to gain access to new fanbases by playing with more of the most popular bands in the city. This night has proven a great shop window for the band, with Mendoza playing to a new (and increasingly bigger) crowd as each date passes. So far Queen Kong, alazarussoul and Kopek, Ultra Montanes, mojoFURY, Fight Like Apes and Stagger Lee, among others have passed through its doors, with each crowd enthusiastically converted to Mendoza’s sound and performances.

Mendoza were in London again in November to play 2 shows in Islington and then in Camden’s legendary Dublin Castle venue, returning to support Sub Pop proteges The Thermals on their Irish tour at MCD’s request, gaining new fans in the American band as well as the packed audience. December saw a headline show in Waterford, Death Via Satellite’s packed Christmas party and then a real highlight, playing to a capacity TBMC on 14th January as part of a worldwide charity event where the band received rapturous applause from the sold out crowd.

Overall, a hectic 2006 saw the band play 39 shows in Dublin, nationwide and in the UK and they have now clocked up over 50 shows since Jan 06.

All this is was in preparation for their debut double A-side single, 28 Days/Lights Out which was launched to great reaction on April 4th in Radio City after a series of warm-up shows. As well as numerous plays on Phantom FM, Alison Curtis at Today FM has picked up on 28 Days and declared herself a convert after playing it on air. The single’s original allocation in both Tower Records and Road Records sold out, and has sold steadily on the site since then.

Indeed they have been confirmed for the FutureSounds music festival in July after its promoters got hold of the band’s single. Nokia are also in discussion with the band over featuring the song 28 Days on their soon to be launched online music venture. Independent record stores around the world are partnering with Nokia to recommend the best new talent from their local unsigned scene and in Dublins Road Records recommended 28 Days on their shortlist to Nokia. Nokia now want it as part of their initial worldwide selection of 30 tracks for the music site’s launch later this year, where music fans all over the world will be able to download 28 Days directly to their Nokia mobile resulting in great exposure.

In effect, getting their music heard by as many fans as possible, both existing and new, through their debut single, more radio play and at shows remains their top priority. Mendoza closed 2006 on the upward trajectory that they now find themselves following, where it will peak is a question only time and effort will answer for this driven and hard-working band