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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE | AFM

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Alternative




"'Wide Awake Hello' Voted #1"

'Wide Awake Hello' is the #1 "Record you are most looking forward to" on Magnet!
Thanks to all the fans for voting! Preview / buy / download tracks from the new album - Magnet Magazine

"MENEW Talk "Wide Awake Hello""

Menew come to life on Wide Awake Hello.

The trio's new album sails to heavenly heights on arena-size choruses and intricate instrumentation. Coupling a dreamy scope with pop rock prowess, Menew are one of the most exciting and entrancing bands in modern rock. They're basically like Canada's answer to Muse, and you'd better get familiar with them now as they'll be reaching stadium status before you know it.

In this exclusive interview with editor in chief Rick Florino speaks to Menew's Nathan Samuel Phillip about Wide Awake Hello and so much more.

What's your take on Wide Awake Hello as a whole? Is there a thread that ties everything together?

We tried to make it feel like an album. We wanted it to take you on a bit of a journey in that way. It has many different themes, but the title—Wide Awake Hello—is like a wakeup call. It's the idea that we've arrived. We've been doing this for a long time, but it's officially our first major release. All of the songs touch on different things like struggles, love, and various ideas. As a whole, I think the underlying theme is not giving up.

Is it important for you to evoke visuals with the songs?

We've always been into film music, and we have a classical background. It comes out that way. It can take you to a place or you can imagine these themes or ideas when you're listening to it which is unique.

What else fosters that visual sensibility?

We do like to watch movies a lot. The music in movies is inspiring too. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because of where we grew up. We're not city guys so we live in a landscape that perhaps breeds that kind of music.

What's the story behind "I Don't Know Why?"

That's one of our favorites. You talk about painting a picture with a song, and that one does for sure. It sounds like a film song to me. That's interesting. A lot of our songs come from improvisation in the studio. We're always together when we write. We feed off each other. That was a song that came out of improvising together. We added the strings later, and we knew it would be a good end song. It felt like that. Lyrically, it leaves a question. You question yourself and the world around you. It also has a theme of death and not knowing what will come after death. That's where the underlying lyrics come from.

Where did "Drowning Your Heart" come from?

That probably took the longest to write. It's more of a movement song. We wrote it in different parts and combined it after. It took months of writing, and it came from a really crazy place.

If you were to compare Wide Awake Hello to a movie or a combination of movies, what would you compare it to?

That's a good question. There are various movies it could fit in with like the classic love story but maybe Batman would be the best. Batman can do anything so maybe that's the best comparison [Laughs]. I'd say the grittier, newer Christopher Nolan Batman films.

—Rick Florino

Have you heard Menew yet?
- ArtistDirect - Rick Florino

"SOUTHERN EXPOSURE - Toronto's MENEW records latest album in Louisiana"

There's no place like home, but oftentimes a band feels the need to go far, far away in order to get some work done.

That was the case with the Toronto-based sibling trio MENEW, which ventured more than 2,000 miles south to Dockside Studios in Maurice, La., in order to make Wide Awake Hello (RedCore Music Group).

"We wanted to lock ourselves up and just focus with no distractions and write the album in that way," the keyboardist known as Key says. "The South had soul, and we wanted to capture a bit of that with our style of music."

Key and his brothers — singer/guitarist Shade and drummer/singer Nathan Samuel Phillip — made three trips to Louisiana over the course of two years to record Wide Awake Hello with producer Christian Mock, who had previously engineered a MENEW EP.

While there, the brothers soaked up Louisiana's culture, mingled with the locals and checked out a few zydeco bars. As a result, they made new friends with some string and horn players and invited them to play on Wide Awake Hello.

"Everyone down there is really friendly, and they're really into music, so when you ask them to be part of something, they're usually not going to say no," Key says. "They definitely added to the vibe of the album."

As for the overall vibe among the members of MENEW (pronounced like "menu"), it's very good, considering how much time they spend together. And that's a welcome break from the longstanding rock 'n' roll myth that big rifts often exist between brothers who are in the same band.

"When we're writing, we're always in the same room at the same time, just jamming out every single note together," Key says. "We're pretty tight … obviously, as brothers, you argue every once in a while. But then two minutes later, everything is forgotten and you move on. That's the really big advantage of being in a band with brothers." - Medleyville - Chris M. Junior

"MENEW in Laurel | Mar. 9 Band of brothers ready to play in Laurel"

LAUREL -- Toronto-based trio Menew (pronounced "Menu") have heard the future, and with their debut album, the group is set to share that sound with the world.

The band is made up of three brothers, Shade (vocals/guitar), Key (piano/synthesizers) and Nathan Samuel Phillip (drums/Vocals) who grew up on a Christmas tree farm.

"We all started playing classical piano at age 6, then progressed into making cardboard instruments until we could afford real ones." said Phillip. "Slowly, the band developed out of that origin and the inspiration of British rock."

Those brothers will join the band Filter at Station 7 in Laurel on Friday.

The boys were completely immersed in music almost from the beginning, hosting living room concerts, and singing along to the Beatles and Traveling Wilburys on their makeshift instruments. In the early part of the 21st century, the band began honing their chops through tireless jamming on real instruments, often holding intensive songwriting sessions. Early comparisons to The Beatles, David Bowie and Muse were certainly not unfounded.

Finally, in 2012, the group released their highly anticipated debut record "Wide Awake Hello."

"It is very satisfying to have the new record out to the public and our fans," Key said. "We worked hard on 'Wide Awake Hello' for over two years in between touring, and its a great accomplishment for us to finally get it out."

Next up, the group prepare to hit the road on an intensive trek through most of the known world.

"We love it," Shade said of touring. "You get to travel the world doing what you love. Besides writing music, playing live is the reason you form or join a rock band. We really feed off the crowd and the energy of a room. And it's great being on the road with a band you get along with and admire like Filter on this tour. If (people) walk away as a fan of the band, with our songs in their head, spreading the word to their friends, then we did our job."

For a new band on the rise like Menew, there's certainly plenty of reason to be optimistic in the new year.

"We are looking forward to the possibilities of where this new record could take us," said Nathan. "Touring and promoting 'Wide Awake Hello' is our focus right now." - Go! Magazine - Josh Davis





The Toronto-based trio of brothers MENEW has already accomplished what more than thousands of aspiring musicians will ever do–even before releasing an album–including earning a performance spot in 2009 on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” The prolonged wait is now over as MENEW has announced their debut full-length album WIDE AWAKE HELLO will be available worldwide Tuesday, February 21 (digitally via The Orchard and physically via their own RedCore Music Group). To celebrate the release of the record, the band has also confirmed a string of tour dates with Filter, kicking off March 1 and bringing them to the Gramercy Theatre in New York on Thursday, March 8 (full itinerary below).

MENEW (pronounced MENU) infuse instrumental intricacy into alternative rock. Whether it’s a subdued piano hum or an anthemic guitar-fueled refrain, MENEW remain unpredictable, discarding all notions of formula or convention. For WIDE AWAKE HELLO, the band locked themselves in the legendary Dockside Studios in Louisiana with producer/engineer Christian Mock (3 Doors Down, 10 Years, Flyleaf) and rather than tracking and writing separately, the brothers jammed every note out in the same room, capturing a raw energy vital to their sound. The result is a collection of 11 dynamic and diverse tracks.

Once recorded, Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Jack Joseph Puig (John Mayer, Green Day, U2) mixed WIDE AWAKE HELLO, fine-tuning everything and bringing another level of refinement.

With its cinematic scope and energy, the album’s first single “Don’t Give Up On Us Now” has been featured prominently in episodes of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” “The Hills” and NBC’s “Chuck.” The song has received over 200,000 plays on YouTube and the official video–which is filmed from a unique first-person perspective–continues gaining views: Another gem off the LP, “Wide Awake,” cruises from shimmering synths into a propulsive hypnotic hook. The song serves as a declaration of the band’s arrival and a bit of wakeup call. A video for this track will be released in the coming weeks.

Success began forMENEW–Shade (Vocals/Guitar), Key (Piano/Synthesizers) and Nathan Samuel Phillip (Drums/Vocals)–in June 2008 when they independently released a six-song EP entitled OF THE FUTURE. The initial response was overwhelmingly positive and in fact the trio was short-listed for four Grammy Awards including “Album of the Year.” The acclaim also earned the band their first-ever national TV appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” in February 2009. Watch MENEW perform “This Isn’t Real” (also included on the new full-length) here:

MENEW has shared the stage with U2, played at Rock on the Range, The Frank Zappa Manifesto and previously toured with Filter. They are eager to get back out on the road with their touring friends and share the new music with ever-growing fans.

Pre-order physical copies of the new album WIDE AWAKE HELLO now via for $9.99 (plus shipping). Each CD includes collectable replica handwritten lyrics to one song; some songs are more limited than others.

MENEW Tour Dates with Filter
Thu 3/1 Hampton Beach, NH Wally’s Pub
Sat 3/3 Fitchburg, MA Marriot Fitchburg Trade Centre
Sun 3/4 Wantagh, NY Mulcahey’s
Tue 3/6 Albany, NY Jillian’s
Wed 3/7 Foxborough, MA Showcase Live
Thu 3/8 New York, NY Gramercy Theatre
Fri 3/9 Laurel, DE Station 7 Live

Track listing for WIDE AWAKE HELLO:

1. Wide Awake
2. The Neon Light (Part 1) / In Debt (Part 2)
3. Can’t Help Myself
4. Don’t Give Up On Us Now
5. Sinking Ship
6. Fighter Orphan
7. Never Let Go
8. Drowning Your Heart
9. This Isn’t Real
10. Wait For It

"Interview With Shade From MENEW"

MENEW is rapidly becoming quite an incredible phenomenon in the music industry. The band is made up of three brothers- Shade (vocals/guitar), Key (piano and synthesizers), and Nathan Samuel Phillip (drums/vocals).

The brothers grew up on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada playing living room concerts from friends and family and have grown to touring all over Canada and the United States. Watch out world these country-boys will show you city slickers how to rock!

In 2008, they independently released their first EP “Of The Future.” The EP was a instant hit and was short-listed at the Grammy awards. The band’s newest album, “Wide Awake Hello” is proving to be yet another success for this young band.

Shade spoke with Times Square before their show on March 8th at Gramercy Theater in New York.

Times Square (TS): So tell me what inspired the band’s name MENEW?

Shade (S): We used to rehearse in our garage like most bands. We grew up on a tree farm and we were looking for a name and we kind of just made up the word. It came about with two Christmas tree signs that were set up behind the drum set at the time. Two “New’ signs, one was flipped upside down and covering part of it and it read “menew.” So we stuck with that and it kind of became a symbol for the band.

TS: Cool. So you describe the music as “old with the new. We'll have a massive wall of sound, but there's simplicity to the music." That being said, what kinds of music did you grow up listening to?

S: We listened to a lot of British rock, the Beatles, David Bowie, and some more recent stuff…Muse, and U2 who were are inspired by.

TS: So what is it like being in a band with your brothers Key and Nathan?

S: Well a lot of people think it’s hard but actually we sell each other really well and it’s kind of easy to know what the others are going to do especially when we’re writing. But if there are any arguments we can get passed it really quickly.

TS: That’s awesome no need for the ‘let’s take this outside and fight like brothers’ approach. The band likes to think outside the box with your music. What is one of the craziest things you’ve put together for a show?

S: Haha we try. There have been a few, but some of the more memorable ones…we actually performed on a stage that we built and we hoisted up with a crane. So when we were putting on the harness to get on the stage it kind of set in how crazy that show actually was. So that is the most memorable, crazy thing we’ve done. But we’ve done flatbed trucks and a lot of impromptu shows.

TS: MENEW’s first EP “Of The Future” was short-listed at the Grammy’s. How was that for Menew?

S: It was a nice surprise. We didn’t expect so many short-listed nominations and that was kind of nice to be recognized for that. It was a big compliment we felt.

TS: Did you have a feeling the album was going to be so successful?

S: Well when you’re in a band, when you write, you’re always thinking new stuff and when the new stuff comes out you’re excited about it. We have high hopes for all our stuff that we do.

TS: Speaking of new stuff, your new song “Don’t Give Up On Us Now” was featured on Jersey Shores, Chuck, and The Hills. What are your thoughts on that?

S: Kind of putting it [their music] out there…you get fans from all different places so we don’t want to restrict that.

TS: Right on. The band’s new album is called “Wide Awake Hello.” Can you tell me about it?

S: We recorded it down in Louisiana. We found a studio down there that had a really cool vibe, we spent months at a time working on tracks and recording. Then we used a studio in Canada for the last part of it. Mixed and mastered in LA by Jack Joseph Puig who we are a big fan of and he was a big fan of us; so it was an honor for him to do it. And we’re really excited about it.

TS: This might be a tough one- do you have a favorite song on it?

S: That’s a tough one being in the band…There are a lot of songs that stand out for me. The last song on the record I don’t know why…a really great album song. There are so many ideas and themes throughout the album, but they kind of all come together…the ultimate wide awake hello…arise we’re here.

TS: Yeah I had trouble finding my favorite track on it. They are all really great!

S: Haha, I guess that’s good.

TS: So being Canadian, what are your thoughts on the music scene in NYC?

S: We love New York. We’ve always loved visiting, playing in New York. It’s one of our favorite cities and we’re really excited about playing there tomorrow night. It’s always had a good vibe for us. We’d love to do a record there, maybe the next one.

TS: The tour is going well. What can Menew Fans expect from the show March 8th at Gramercy?

S: We’re going to try to play lots of great songs and try to put all the energy that the fans give us right back at them. We try to put as much energy in the performance as we can and hope the fans give it back.

TS: Any flatbed trucks or hoi - - Cecily Van Horn

"Filter Rock New York Fans at Gramercy Theater - w/ MENEW"

...If Filter weren’t on the marquee, one might have thought supporting band Menew were headlining the show. The band exploded onto the stage and its vigor was completely irresistible. Sweat and passion were evident on stage and Menew appeared to gain new fans.

The group has a unique sound — as if Muse, Coldplay and The Killers had a talented lovechild. Said lovechild is comprised of a trio of Canadian brothers: vocalist/guitarist Shade, piano/synthesizer player Key and drummer/backing vocalist Nathan Samuel. All of the members are extremely multi-talented. Menew have released their debut album ‘Wide Awake Hello’ and if all goes well they will be headlining shows of their own very soon. (click link to read full article) -

"MENEW entrances and raises energy at Gramercy Theater"

On Thursday night, I walked into the Gramercy Theater not knowing what to expect. Having been called on at the last minute to cover Alt-Rock veterans Filter, I hadn’t had the necessary time to preview the catalog of the opening acts, Evan Russell Saffer & MENEW. As it turns out, I’m glad I didn’t.

The venue: small. The crowd: stiff and cold. Half of the concert-goers were already drunk and itching for Filter’s headlining set, early in the night. The first act comes on, an unfamiliar act by the name of “Evan Russell Saffer”, which turns out to be basically a one-man band. As always, I throw all judgments aside and open up my mind and ears. I found it enjoyable, despite the crowd’s predominantly disinterested demeanor.

It’s difficult to follow an act that left the crowd with a somewhat bad taste in their mouths. Three quarters of the crowd were collected around the two bars at the opposite ends of the cozy venue. Hell, even I went for my third beer. While chatting away with a local photographer about upcoming events, a soft, highly energetic sound began to resonate from the stage. I was not the only one who felt the vibe - heads turned in unison and bodies moved towards the stage like moths to light.

I whipped out my camera and started clicking away. The first shot I took was that of Key’s (Piano/Synthesizers) piano which had a giant MENEW etched on the side and a strange quote which read, “Take them one by one by one” on the front. About 5 pictures in, I was forced to stop. Not by anyone telling me I had to move or anything of the sort. I was forced by the awesome power of MENEW’s ability to get a once uninterested, bored crowd to grasp on the words, and move to the music. The crowd reacted well enough but in my humble opinion, MENEW deserved a much livelier crowd. The combination of keyboards, highly skilled bass and guitar playing, topped off by incredibly dirty, melodic vocals warranted tons more than just simple head nodding and mild fist pumping. I must confess, I am guilty of attempting (key word: attempting) to rile up the crowd by jumping into bigger men in hopes that they’d shove me and I’d shove back, and so forth. To no avail, my plan backfired. It seems like the crowd was entranced as they watched the band play on.

I’d love to see them touring with the likes of Muse, Coldplay (who could have a genius, dirty lovechild, by the name of “MENEW”), and maybe even The Mars Volta. That would be a goosebump-worthy lineup, for sure. Keep an eye out for much more from these guys – and pick up their album, “Wide Awake Hello” by clicking here. - Tri-State Rock - New York, NY - March 11th 2012

"Rob Capps (Senior Editor Of Wired Magazine) Interviews MENEW"

MENEW Interview with Rob Capps
(Senior Editor – Wired Magazine)

Video interview – Transcript (excerpt)

Rob Capps: So you guys are here in California making a music video for ‘This Isn’t Real’?

Nathan: Yes, the first song on the new CD.

Rob: So what’s the concept of the video?

Key: We’re going to take Shade out the desert…

Nathan: The original idea came from a photo idea we had of Me and Key taking Shade out of the trunk of a car… Then we sat down with Lyle the director and we collaborated together and came up with a solid story.

Rob: Does it relate to the song at all?

Shade: Yes, loosely

Nathan: Loosely it does, but the song is more about politics in general.

Shade: I kind of like when a song has a different meaning for whoever reads it. To me that is the most interesting thing about songwriting.

To view the entire interview visit:
- Wired Magazine (video interview)

"MENEW: 'Of The Future' (CD Review)"

MENEW comes to us from Toronto, Canada where they began their study of music. Pronounced 'Men-u', they have shared the stage with U2 on their Vertigo Tour, worked with Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi), and Scott Mathews (Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton), as well as shooting a video with Hans Uhlig (George Lucas' cinematographer) while still in their twenties.

MENEW is: Shade: Vocals/Guitar, Key: Piano/Synth and Nathan Samuel Philip: Percussion and backing vocals. They released their latest CD 'Of The Future' on the RedCore Label while kicking off the NxNE Music Fest in Toronto. The NARAS Committee placed 'Of The Future' on the short list for 4 Grammy awards including: Album of the Year, Best Rock Album, Best Performance by a Duo or a Group and Best Video for their single, 'This Isn't Real'.

The title track, 'The Future', begins with an eclectic mix of driving percussion and mean guitar riffs that transcend into perfection with the additon of vocals. The harmonizing is pristine. Shade's guitar and Nathan's drums meld, only to rise then fall with Key stepping in with subtle piano. This tune is a hit, this is the one that will have people grabbing this CD, seeing them in concert and on the radio. It is simply . . . what music is bleeding for.

The first single, 'This Isn't Real', manages to take that perfect mix of pop and rock and make it their own. This tune is reminiscent of the early days of MTV where music was raw and unfiltered. Upbeat, pure and thunderous, MENEW thrives on reviving an endless sound, one that the industry is in desperate need of. Check out their YouTube Channel: Video is top notch and absolute.

'Heaven Knows', enters with a military drum roll continuing throughout. Keys march in much like an organ or harpsichord. Vocals join the two in this requiem of sorts. 'Heaven Knows' is a testament to something lost, left behind, a look to the past. The funeral march technique applied is sufficient for the content of the tune. It sets you up for melancholy yet is far from sad. A harmonica cries during the end. The diversity of MENEW is outstanding.

The Official 2009 'Of The Future' Tour is under way with an appearance on David Letterman. Check the website for more information: and myspace: I am in awe of these guys and their music. I have not stopped listening since they sent me the CD. This is what music is meant to be, contrary to the title of the first single. MENEW IS . . . 100% Real.

This IS . . . Of The Future.

© Susan Marie 2009
New York USA
716-783-7067 - Susan Marie - Target Audience Magazine - New York USA

"MENEW Live On The Late Show With David Letterman"

Watch MENEW perform 'This Isn't Real', from their release 'Of The Future' live on the Late Show...
visit: - CBS Television Network

"MENEW To Play ROTR At Canad Inns Stadium"

We are pleased to announce that MENEW will be performing at Rock On The Range, August 7th in Winnipeg Canada, at Canad Inns Stadium along side Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack, Finger Eleven and more! See TOUR... - ROTR

"Jack Joseph Puig Mixes The New MENEW Record"

Legendary mixer Jack Joseph Puig (Lady Gaga, Weezer, John Mayer) finishes mixes for MENEW's upcoming album at Ocean Way Studios in Los Angeles! Keep posted for updates, or a sneak peek!... - Ocean Way

"MENEW Signs With X-Ray Touring"

X-Ray Touring has added MENEW to their elite roster. The booking agency is a major player in the European music market, representing musicians such as Coldplay, Eminem, Green Day, and Snow Patrol... -

"Canadian Rockers MENEW Launch New CD with Kick-Off Performance This Week at Hard Rock Cafe Toronto, as They Bow New Material at NxNE Music Festival and Conference"

Toronto-based recording artists, MENEW Release New "Of The Future" CD to coincide with Hard Rock kickoff performance at NxNE conference this week.

Toronto, Canada (Billboard Publicity Wire) June 11, 2008 -- Toronto, Canada based recording act, MENEW, this week launch their new "Of The Future" cd on the Red Core Music label, and will mark the release by kicking off the global NxNE music conference in Toronto this week (Thursday, June 12, 2008) at the Hard Rock Cafe at 9 p.m. Hundreds of bands from around the world audition for a coveted performance spot for music and entertainment executives, artists and media gathered in Toronto for the annual occasion.

It's not often an up and coming band of brothers, like Canadian stalwarts, MENEW, get the opportunity, so early in their career, to perform on the arena stage with U2, work with top-rated record producers Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi) and Scott Mathews (Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton) and shoot a video with George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic cinematographer Hans Uhlig, all while still in their 20's.

Shade, Key and Nathan Samuel Phillip, who together form the group, know their way around guerrilla marketing almost as well as the stage and studio, and are fearless in accomplishing their mission to reach as many people as possible with their brand of revolutionary rock and live performance. We've seen them performing live on a flatbed truck, and on a stage lifted over 30 feet in mid-air by an 80 ton crane in downtown Toronto. They've toured across North America, and last year they hit the UK.

Born, raised and based in Toronto, Canada, MENEW started their music study and interest while their ages were still in the single digits. Nathan recalls, "I remember hearing U2 for the first time riding the bus to elementary school, and since then we've been hooked. Greats like Bowie, Dylan, U2 and The Beatles are just a few of the reasons we formed the band to begin with," Shade comments. "Although we are influenced by them, we use them as inspiration more than anything. We work hard at making our material original, and all our own."

The name MENEW (pronounced "MEN-u") is a symbol more than a word, a universal name, sans language restrictions. "Although it originally came from merging two signs in our garage rehearsal space, we also liked that it was a sort of palindrome with a reversed 'E'," explains Nathan.

The NxNE appearance of MENEW is just the initial event, and marks the beginning of a year long tour to support the record's release.

Band website:
High Resolution Photo & Bio download:
Free Music Download from new MENEW ep:
Conference Info:

Gail Roberts PR
(323) 934-7765


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"HMTV DJ Tina Interviews MENEW"

I had a fantastic opportunity to interview Toronto's based MENEW I found out about this band through a one of my friends that works at Allen Bradley in my hometown Cambridge.

Their music sounds lyrics blew me away, if you can see this band in concert they are awesome; one of their Killer Guerilla shows was when MENEW performed on a stage suspended in Mid Air to find out this and more tune in because MENEW has lots more in store for their fans.

To play the radio interview see link below...
- Tina Wilson - Hollywood Music TV Canada

"Chasing Rock Stardom"


Three brothers who are MENEW work to get noticed, from guerrilla marketing to U2-style publicity stunts
February 12, 2009
Colin Hunter
NightLife staff

How did MENEW, a band from a rural burg outside Cambridge, land a gig playing on The Late Show With David Letterman?

How, for that matter, did the boys of MENEW end up jamming onstage with the biggest rock group in the world, U2?

"These things happen," shrugs Key, the aptly (nick)named pianist for MENEW.

But these things don't just happen, of course.

What Key meant was: these things happen to a band that works incessantly on its music and its image; these things happen to a band that is unabashedly self-promotional and business savvy; these things happen to a band that utilizes guerrilla marketing and publicity stunts like playing surprise concerts on a stage suspended from a giant crane in downtown Toronto.

MENEW (pronounced "menu") landed the coveted spot on Letterman a couple of weeks ago because the band has been relentlessly chasing rock stardom for the past half-dozen years.

They joined U2 onstage for a song at the Air Canada Centre in 2005 because they aggressively went after the opportunity to play alongside one of their biggest musical influences.

So when the members of MENEW nonchalantly shrug off their successes -- which they do a lot -- they're being modest, or perhaps just feigning modesty.

Their goals as a band are, and always have been, anything but modest.

"We want to top all other bands," says drummer Nathan Samuel Philip. "We want to be known and remembered as a great band."

It's a dream that the members of MENEW have shared since boyhood, growing up in the same household within roaring distance of African Lion Safari.

Though they carefully guard their image and prefer the mystique of their stage names, the members of MENEW are actually the Klaas brothers, Aaron (a.k.a. Key), Ryan (Shade) and Nathan (Nathan Samuel Philip).

They each began piano lessons at age six, and ever since have been moving together toward the Shangri La of rock stardom. "We've always been on the same wavelength," says Nathan.

That wavelength is evidently the right one to be on, since MENEW has managed to leapfrog to notoriety and a degree of stardom by making some very unconventional career moves.

They've focused their efforts mostly in Toronto, with occasional shows in New York City and other markets where a band stands a chance of getting noticed by music industry bigwigs.

And just to make sure people notice, MENEW has made a habit of staging grandiose publicity stunts. First they played on the back of a flatbed truck driving around downtown Toronto, which seemed like a very innovative idea until U2 did it in New York City.

So the boys of MENEW went back to the drawing board and dreamed up an even crazier stunt -- they played on a stage suspended from an 80-foot crane in Toronto.

"We shut down an entire road," recalls Key. "It was kind of illegal."

But the police on the scene just looked up and watched the five-song set -- along with hundreds of agog passersby -- without making any arrests afterward.

Such over-the-top showmanship surely helped MENEW catch the eye of David Letterman's talent scouts, who recruited the band to play a song on the Jan. 25 taping of the late-night chat show.

It's rare, but not unheard of, for Letterman's bookers to seek out obscure, promising bands and give them a taste of the limelight, and the boys of MENEW were more than happy to accept the invitation to the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York.

"It's so cool to play such a legendary theatre, on such a prestigious stage," says Nathan.

"The Beatles played on that stage. Bowie played that stage. Every big name has played it."

They tried not to psych themselves into thinking about the audience of roughly four million that would be watching them on TV.

If the guys were feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the gig, they certainly hid it.

They tore through a hypercharged rendition of This Isn't Real, the lead single from their recently released EP Of The Future.

"We were obviously nervous," admits Nathan, "but once we started playing we got into the zone."

Being in the zone apparently inspired Key to pounce onto his upright piano at the end of the song and stomp on the keys (the piano survived that assault, but suffered some damage when a member of Letterman's stage crew accidentally dropped it on the street later).

The performance was a big success, judging by the huge crowd that crammed into a Manhattan club to see the band play a couple of nights later.

The boys are now back in Cambridge, hunkering down in the chalet-like studio they built for themselves on their family's lot, preparing for an upcoming tour of the American West Coast.

If their momentum continues, it seems entirely likely they'll achieve the international rock stardom they've spent their lives chasing.

"T - Colin Hunter - The Record

"MENEW gets Out of Control With U2"

Most fans dream of making their way onto U2's stage, playing with the band, dancing with Bono or just plain clowning around. During the Vertigo Tour's third-leg start at Toronto's Air Canada Centre, U2 has managed the make the dreams of several U2 fans come true, including that of Toronto-based Menew, a rock outfit featuring Shade on lead vocals and guitar, Key on piano and synthesizers, Nathan Samuel Phillip on drums and backing vocals, and Jason Machado on bass. describes the band's once-in-a-lifetime moment at the September 16th show this way:

Spotting an inviting sign in the crowd ("U2 + a song with our band = a happy crowd"), before we quite know what is happening a local Toronto band are up on stage to perform their own version of Out of Control. With Edge joining Menew (as we discover they are called) on guitar (he could go far), Shade, Key and Nathan Samuel Phillip showed they know how to rock 'n' roll—and the locals loved them.

So what's it like to not only get on stage with the members of U2 but to also have a crack at their instruments and one of their classics? asked the members of Menew to sum up the experience that hasn't quite sunken in yet.

When and how did the band form?

Shade: The band was built on a friendship from a very young age and became official when we decided to buy a set of drums. We have been doing it seriously for about four years.

How would you describe the Menew sound?

Key: We find it’s hard to describe our band in a sentence or two, and we don't usually try, but it is rock and it has roll. I think we sound more British than anything else.

Where did the name Menew come from?

Nathan: We were looking for a unique and universal name, more of a symbol than a word, without restrictions on language. We took the name from two signs merged together in our garage and later made it similar to a palindrome with the reversed E.

(Photo courtesy of Menew.)

How long have you all been U2 fans?

Nathan: I remember hearing U2 for the first time riding the bus on the way to elementary school and since then we have all been huge fans. We have always looked up to them. One of the reasons we formed our band was because of U2.

Is your sound greatly influenced by U2?

Shade: We are greatly influenced by U2 as well as many other great performers, although we do not try to mimic any one of them, but use them as inspiration. Writing and saying something that has meaning and has never been done is the best part of being in Menew.

Where did you get the idea to try to get on stage in Toronto?

Shade: I think everyone wants to go on stage with U2, we just had to get their attention and say it in a quick and clever way. Knowing how Bono is, it seemed like something he would be interested in. We have to thank them all again for that opportunity.

Had you tried to get on stage prior to Friday's success?

Key: No, we only had tickets for Friday.

How did you get the attention of the band?

Shade: We had a large sign and we were on the rail so it was hard for them not to see us.

When did you realize that your plan worked and you were going up on stage?

Key: During the show Bono looked at us a few times but it was confirmed in the second encore during "Yahweh." He came over in the middle of the song and asked us a few questions and told us we would be coming up.

What went through your mind at the moment?

Nathan: It was unreal. We were very excited.

How did it feel to be on U2's stage with the band?

Key: Actually we felt very comfortable. They are great guys and were very nice and easy to talk to. We felt so privileged to be playing with the biggest band in the world.

What kind of reaction did you get from the crowd?

Shade: The crowd was very welcoming. We have been swarmed with e-mails from U2 fans that are new Menew fans. They really seemed to enjoy it.

How did you end up playing "Out of Control" and how do you think it went?

Key: Bono asked us what song we wanted to play. Knowing that "Out of Control" was their first single off their first album, we felt it was fitting because we are a band early in our career. When Nathan started the drum beat and the bass came in the crowd went insane. Then when Shade stepped up to the mic the volume of the crowd soared even louder. For not being a cover band I think we pulled it off very well.

(Photo courtesy of Menew.)

What interaction did you have with the guys in U2?

Key: Besides the conversations before we settled into our instruments, there were moments when Bono would signal a chorus and there were interactions between The Edge, Shade and Nathan. Everyone on the stage was communicating and Bono had said he felt there was a connection.

What reaction did they have to your performance?

Nathan: They were really having a lot of fun up there with us, as we were, too. I think they were surprised at how well we played. I recall when Bono and E - - Devlin Smith

""You Are One of the Few 'I Was There!' in the making of Canadian Rock History!""

From the scary world of PR. I regret to say I did not attend. You can't make this shit up:
"*_Tuesday February 1**Today* **NOON* sharp* MENEW guerrilla concert- is a feat of engineering and ingenuity that allows this indie band to perform ... in the sky!
" 'Reach for the sky, while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.' A wise adage to live by...and MENEW proves that it can be done! Since their conception, Rockton, Ontario indie band MENEW have built their own rehearsal space [featured in the Hamilton Spectator], financed largely thru CD/DVD sales of The Revolution Behind Their Back, produced by Scott Matthews [The Beach Boys, Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton...] -sold independently thru their own company and record label; produce their own sold out events, and shot a video to the single /'Can You Feel This?' /with Hans Uhlig, ILM / Lucas Film.
"But what truly sets MENEW apart is the creativity, imagination and daredevil approach they take to performing and promoting, as evidenced by the devotion of their ever increasing fans, while reaching for their dreams. July 2004 found them performing an 'impromptu' concert on a 48 foot flatbed at Sony, much to the delight of staff and nearby construction workers. CMN Magazine (August issue # 156) quotes MENEW: 'Who knows what our next stunt will be?'
"A caravan of gear and equipment, an engineer or several, conquering fear of heights and motion sickness, and what have you got? A LUNCH TIME ROCKN'ROLL EXTRAVAGANZA unlike anything you've ever seen before, or likely will again. (no, it's not a roof top thing.) Bring your camera's and your enthusiasm for true rock renegades. Above all, in the true spirit of Rockn'Roll, be entertained!
"/Please/ be advised that the entire event will take place in only 15 minutes of the most amazed time you've ever spent! Location is Universal Music. BE SURE not to miss are one of the few "I was there!" in the making of Canadian Rock History!
- Carl Wilson c/o Globe and Mail (

"CD Review - MENEW - Take Them One By One"

March 27, 2010

MENEW are three brothers that are taking Canada and the rest of the world by storm. This is a band that is on fire with creativity and have the talent that makes a great band foundation. The trio that is MENEW are Shade (vocals and guitar), Key (piano and synthesizers) and Nathan Samuel Phillip (drums and backing vocals). Key admits that “we have many nicknames for each other, these are just the ones that seemed to stick”. Born and raised in Toronto ON, they began their interest in music at the age of 6, having all been classically trained in piano. Sharing this knowledge base and a passion for writing music, the early foundation for this band was slowly formed. Their 2008 EP, Of The Future, was recognized by the Grammy Awards and was also short listed in four categories including Album of the Year and was honored by Billboard for their single “This Isn't Real” as one of the top written songs of 2009. They blend classical music as well as the classic British sound and add their own style to the latter two elements to make their own unique sound.

And so this brings us to the bands' first full length CD, Take Them One By One. This CD is very distinctive, fresh sounding and alive. The mixing and mastering of all 10 songs is probably the best I've ever heard. The first song “Fighter Orphan” starts out low with a synthetic sound and builds for about 30 seconds with a pause break and then the song begins full on with the drums and vocals. This song is powerful and has aggressive synths yet has the soulful and melodic riffs that are going on all at the same time. The vocals sound a bit underwater but this an effective quality of their overall sound. The music is very full and lush throughout the CD, and every song is exceptionally well written. Besides “Fighter Orphan” other stand out songs are “Sinking Ship” which is mournful and full of heart and soul musically speaking; “Don't Give Up On Us Now” is a solid slow song that builds into a full on frenzy and is a feel good song about not looking back at the past as its done and over with; “Spaceplane” is a song that reminds me of David Bowie circa 1972 with spacey vocals, very clear imagery and synths that punctuate in all the right places.

Overall this CD has it all and is a good indication that this is a band that is going places in the near future. The release date of this CD is set for the summer of 2010, and there is a video for the song "Never Let Go" which shows the band's more comical side in an American Western setting that is shot beautifully in black and white by Director Lyle Christie. The band also uses more nicknames from their past in this video.

You can find MENEW at:

Their website:

Official My Space page:

Official YouTube page: - Jade Sperry - North By East West


Just Announced! The NARAS Committee Has Placed MENEW On The Official Ballot For The 2009 Grammy Awards In 4 Categories, Including:

'Album Of The Year' - ('Of The Future')
'Best Rock Album' - ('Of The Future')
'Best Rock Performance By Duo Or Group' - ('This Isn't Real')
'Best Shortform Video' - ('This Isn't Real')

MENEW Has Been Short Listed For The Grammy Nominations.

Final Nominations For The 51st Annual Grammy Awards Will Come Out December 4th 2008. The Awards Will Take Place On February 8th 2009. - /


'Wide Awake Hello' LP (2012) - Produced by Christian Mock & MENEW, Mixed by Jack Joseph Puig, Mastered by Howie Weinberg

'Of The Future' Deluxe Edition EP (2009) - Produced by Christian Mock & MENEW. Includes singles 'This Isn't Real', 'The Future' and 'Keep Me Alive'

'Of The Future' EP (2008) - Produced by Christian Mock & MENEW





Toronto based trio of brothers who infuse instrumental intricacy into alternative rock. if Muse, Coldplay and The Killers had a genius, dirty lovechild - its name would be MENEW. -

First independent EP, Of the Future, short-listed for four Grammy Awards, including "Album of the Year".

Of the Future single "This Isn't Real" performed on The Late Show with David Letterman in 2009.

Full-length debut, Wide Awake Hello, mixed by Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Jack Joseph Puig [John Mayer, Green Day, U2].

Wide Awake Hello tracks: "Don't Give Up On Us Now", "Fighter Orphan", "Never Let Go" featured prominently in episodes of NBC's Chuck, MTV's Jersey Shore and The Hills.

Single "Don't Give Up On Us Now" over half a Million on YouTube - Rob Capps, Sr. Editor of Wired Magazine calls the music video "A masterpieceThe best video of the year!" & "The band of 2012."

Band has shared the stage with U2, Stone Temple Pilots, Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven, played at Rock on the Range, SXSW, NXNE, CMW, Musexpo, The Frank Zappa Manifesto and toured with Filter and Fuel.

MENEW aren't concerned with playing it safe.

In fact, the Toronto trio of brothers continually challenges the alternative rock status quo. On their full-length debut album, Wide Awake Hello, the bandShade [Vocals/Guitar], Key [Piano/Synthesizers], and Nathan Samuel Phillip [Drums/Vocals]infuse instrumental intricacy into 11 dynamic and diverse tracks. Whether it's a subdued piano hum or an anthemic guitar-fueled refrain, MENEW [pronounced MENU] remain unpredictable, discarding all notions of formula or convention. Say hello to the future

MENEW's story starts when the brothers were growing up on a Christmas tree farm on the outskirts of Toronto. At five years of age, their parents enlisted them in classical piano lessons. Instantly, the boys became immersed in music, gaining a deep and schooled understanding of composition and theory. Shortly after, they were hosting living room concerts and singing along to The Beatles and Traveling Wilburys on makeshift cardboard instruments. "I think tickets were five cents back then," laughs Nathan.

They've certainly come a long way from that living room. In the early part of the decade, MENEW formally came to life. After honing their chops through tireless jamming, intensive songwriting, and early recordings, the group had arrived at a sound of their own. It nodded to the likes of The Beatles and David Bowie as well as The Killers and Muse with a decidedly fresh and fiery spin.

Shade describes the style best, "We mix the old with the new. We'll have a massive wall of sound, but there's simplicity to the music so it's still memorable."

Key adds, "You can hear evidence of the classical influences, but we pull them back just enough so that the songs stand on their own."

MENEW introduced the world to that sound on their first independently released EP, Of the Future in 2008. In the aftermath of its release, MENEW were short listed for four Grammy Awards including "Album of the Year", and they were invited to perform "This Isn't Real" on The Late Show with David Letterman. However, everything only served as a prelude to Wide Awake Hello.

Once the music was recorded, Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Jack Joseph Puig [John Mayer, Green Day, U2] mixed Wide Awake Hello, fine-tuning everything and bringing another level of refinement. With its cinematic scope and energy, the album's first single "Don't Give Up On Us Now" has been featured prominently in episodes of MTV's Jersey Shore, The Hills and NBCs Chuck. A slow piano resounds during an airy verse as Shade calls for a second chance with an entrancing croon. The song has received over half a Million plays on YouTube and the official video--which is filmed from a unique first-person perspective--continues gaining views: Rob Capps, Sr. Editor of Wired Magazine calls it "A masterpieceThe best video of the year!"