Men In Suits

Men In Suits


Men in Suits is a well-suited, Disco-Funk REVOLUTION! With their disco ball, charisma, horn section, and intense energy, they are sure to liven up your event and keep everyone dancing.


Men in Suits is live entertainment in the form of a six-piece Disco-Funk Revolution from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They provide a high-energy show that is sure to capture the attention of those passing by as well as your customers' $$.

You see, once Men In Suits begin playing (all wearing suits, of course), the disco ball starts spinning seductively, the horns start blaring and the hair on the back of your neck stands on end. At that moment, your customers are hooked like a caffeine junkie at Starbucks, and won't be leaving (with their wallets) until the disco ball stops spinning.

Men In Suits is comprises of the charming Benjamin Cloyd on Lead Vocals, the Disco-driving Jason Verstegen on Lead Guitar, Derek Burrell managing the Bass-ment, Josh Rankin hitting the Drums, and the saxophonic duo, the C-squared horn section. C-squared is the svelte Chris Felts on Alto Saxophone and the equally svelte, yet better-dressed Chris Brown on Tenor Saxophone and Vocals.

The previous experiences of these musicans reaches throughout Wisconsin, the Midwest, and all the way to the Hard Rock Cafe in Beijing, China. These experiences have culminated and collected as Men In Suits.

A combination of business-savy, musicianship and hyperactivity creates entertainment that will increase your revenue, fill venues to fire code violations, and guarantee a great time to audiences.

Set List

Four hour show, Three one-hour sets (on average), two 30 minute breaks.

What is Hip--Tower of Power, Fame--David Bowie, Play that Funky Music--Wild Cherry, YMCA--The Village People, Car Wash--Rose Royce, Pick up the Pieces--Average White Band, I Will Survive--Gloria Gaynor/Cake, Pass the Peas--Maceo Parker, Billie Jean--Michael Jackson, Long Train Runnin'--The Doobie Brothers, Love Rollercoaster--Ohio Players/Red Hot Chili Peppers, It's Your Thing--The Isley Brothers, and many many other top hits!