Denver, Colorado, USA

Who would believe this much sound could come from just a violin, a guitar and a set of drums? Meniskus inspires the most diverse crowds to storm onto the dance floor. The band has performed over 100 shows in the last year, and has been asked to return to every one of those venues.


Meniskus has shared a bill with an amazingly wide array of artists including Tom Petty, Dave Matthews, Rodrigo y Gabriela, The Roots and The Disco Biscuits, as well as members of Guns n Roses, P-Funk and even our First Lady, Michelle Obama - and their devoted following (and music) are just as diverse.

The unique dynamic of the band starts with a violin and a nylon-stringed guitar - both enhanced by a barrage of effects - and gets driven by an arsenal of percussion.

The music is informed by the extensive classical training of Wright and Ostberg, as well as the unique sound Bardusco brings from his experience as a self-taught guitarist growing up in Venezuela. The three players weave all their diverse flavors into a cohesive, powerful and unique sound. The influences of classic rockers and jam bands, as well as the rhythms of Latin grooves and European house music have found new life in the music of Meniskus.

The canon of Meniskus music currently stands at nearly 70 original songs, with 12 of the best of those recorded on the band's second full-length album, "Foreign Beyond." With the guidance of Producer John McVey and the facilities of Coupe Studios (The Fray, Rose Hill Drive, DeVotchKa), the album's release is being supported through a video for the single "Letters," as well as US and European tours. Meniskus is working at Coupe Studios on their newest album, expected to be released in the Fall of 2012.



Written By: Meniskus

Verse 1:
I am, because that's what I'm supposed to do,
I see your plan, and wonder if you'll follow through,
and take a trip, down that dusty road, and now I sit, sit and wander down that old road alone.

And you were just a memory to me, I tried so hard I had to believe, that you, that you were always on my side, and now, now I'm here, there's nowhere else to hide

Verse 2:
I think, because that's what I'm supposed to do,
you know I dream, dream about what I'm supposed to believe is right from wrong,
and you, you will just take me back, without a question, or a letter that I signed on the back.


Verse 3:
I look, but I can not see anymore,
of what you talk,
all those strange things that I would like to just ignore,
and wait there all alone, because now you're here, you've made it home to me I see it clear.



"Wall of Sound" (LP - 2005)
"Foreign Beyond" (LP - 2007)
"Foreign Beyond: The Singles" (EP - 2007)
"LIVE at The Walnut Room" (LP - 2010)
The "Letters" single is currently enjoying airplay throughout North America and Europe.
Streaming audio available at and

Set List

Over 60 original songs ranging from straight-ahead rock, to trance-style dance songs. The band can play a 3 hour show, but can play for any negotiated amount of time. The occasional covers include Billie Jean (Michael Jackson), Africa (Toto), Message in a Bottle (The Police), Creep (Radiohead), Who Can it Be Now (Men at Work), Head Like a Hole (Nine Inch Nails), Gin'n'Juice/Mr. Brownstone/Welcome to the Jungle, 2-Step (Dave Matthews Band), I Stay Away (Alice in Chains), Your Love (The Outfield). Crowds instantly fall in love with the originals, but the covers are always explosively fun.