Men of Steel

Men of Steel

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Four of the most dynamic and powerful guitar artists in the world, each a master of the acoustic guitar, combine their talents into one amazing ensemble. Men of Steel is Beppe Gambetta (Italy), Dan Crary (US), Tony McManus (Scotland), and Don Ross (Canada).


The idea behind the Men of Steel was Beppe Gambetta’s. In late 2001, whilst blasting down the autobahn and carrying on a conversation with tour-partner Dan Crary, Beppe suggested that a touring panel of steel-string guitarist-flatpickers would make for a dynamic and interesting concert. Further, Beppe allowed, it should be different from just a panel of players who pass around soloing duties, each looking bored on stage except when it’s his or her chance to play a solo. No, Beppe said, each member should be from a different country, bringing diverse traditions together, performing vocals and instrumentals in a carefully rehearsed and planned ensemble. So Gambetta and Crary went to work to recruit co-conspirators in this guitar (so they hoped) extravaganza. An obvious choice from the celtic world was Tony McManus, renowned as the leading international guitarist of the genre. Tony said yes and the search continued. Initially the thought had been to focus on flatpicking for its dynamics and adaptability to ensemble playing. But when Canadian Don Ross was proposed, it was no great leap that this fingerpicker was as powerful and adaptable as they come and would be a great asset. Don said yes and the group was complete.

As of the last week of December 2002, tours were being booked, major concert halls in Europe were confirmed, and the Men of Steel had not ever all been in the same room at the same time. So in February 2003, Beppe, Tony, Don and Dan flew to Oregon and gathered in the little coastal town of Depoe Bay, for what Crary describes as a “boot camp” style rehearsal of several days, followed by a concert, delivered twice in one night in Stayton, Oregon, and recorded live for a CD release. So, the Men of Steel were forged out of a deep love of the guitar and a little chaos. By April of 2003 they had completed a European tour, garnered rave reviews and established themselves as one of the most interesting, varied, and dynamic guitar ensembles of the world.


'The art of the steel string guitar'

Set List

Singles, duos, trios and 'quartroros'!
2 sets about 60 minutes each plus encore.
The evening is finely tuned from beginning to end with format choices that take the evening to wonderous conclusion.