Mental Deficiency

Mental Deficiency


Imagine, if you will, that Kiss, The Misfits and Alice Cooper started a supergroup to be fronted by Ace Ventura. That band is Mental Deficiency.


2011-12 has been an incredible year for the band. With the release of their debut album, an ever increasing fanbase and many high profile gigs they have cemented their reputation as Northern Ireland’s ultimate cross-genre act. Impossible to pigeonhole, they’ve had amazing success playing alongside rock, indie, hip-hop, electronic and metal bands leading to dedicated fans from all of the musical sub-cultures.

As a live act they had already established themselves as one of the most entertaining and outrageous bands on the circuit, incorporating theatrics, props, humour and extreme mobility into their shows to provide the audience with an exciting assault on the senses.

With the release of the Rocky O’Reilly produced, ‘…And Now For Something Completely Deficient,’ they brought their songwriting and musical talents to the fore, showcasing an incredible selection of catchy and meaningful songs. From THE PATRIOT, a satire on blind faith in a nation’s leader to THEY MOSTLY COME AT NIGHT..MOSTLY, an anthemic salute to 1980s cinematic heroism, Mental Deficiency have created catchy music with a unique lyrical direction that has captured the imaginations of literally thousands of people.

They’ve already hit the ground running this year with two music videos in production, an upcoming support slot for a world famous international band and continued embracing of digital media to connect with fans. With 4600 followers and counting on Facebook alone the Mental Army is expanding quicker than anyone had ever anticipated.

2012 is the year of Mental Deficiency. It’s only a matter of time until the lunatics take over the asylum.

A Few Highlights of the Last Year

Recorded and launched our debut album, “And Now For Something Completely Deficient.”

Packed out performance at Pigstock Festival.

Supported The Rubberbandits at the Stiff Kitten for Shine Productions.

Packed out performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Supported Electric Six at the Spring & Airbrake for CDC Leisure.

Packed out performance at Sunflowerfest.

Chosen to play at the launch event for Molten Magazine. Mental Deficiency guitarist Alex Kazam invited to be a columnist for the publication.

Other successful gigs played in Republic and Northern Ireland.

Supported international touring band Alestorm.

Supporting international touring band Arnocorps in July.

Played at a two day festival supporting In Case Of Fire in The Cellar Bar, Draperstown. Named as the highlight of the weekend by the promoter.

Selected to support The Rubberbandits once again in the Portrush Playhouse.


Album - '...And Now for Something Completely Deficient'
Single - GHHGHB (feat. Roysta)
EP - Musically Challenged