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"Live Review - Supporting Alestorm"

Avast ye! / shiver me timbers! / arr ye landlubbers! / etc.

Right, that’s the obligatory pirate stuff safely out of the way, now on to the Irish leg of the sold-out Useless Drunken Bastards tour featuring the Scots-Irish combo Alestorm, Australian folk metallers Claim The Throne, and our very own Darkest Era, who unfortunately can’t make it to the Irish gigs tonight in Belfast and tomorrow in Dublin.

As a replacement tonight, we are given local madmen Mental Deficiency, who open the gig to an already sizeable crowd gathered down the front, although which starts off somewhat taken aback by the sheer spectacle of a band singing about Robocop, Hitler and bucking girls.

This reaction doesn’t last long though, and the crowd get stuck right into the performance, with ‘Introduction To Seduction’ being a particular highlight due its current wave of popularity after a controversial video was filmed for it and local Christians objected.

The band spend a lot of the set running through the crowd, jumping on tables, grinding groins against crowd members, and twatting certain Metal Ireland reviewers on the head with a bass to get their attention. Final song ‘Get Her Home, Get Her Bucked’ is predictably insane, with a huge singalong from the crowd and a triumphant exit from the band. - Metal Ireland

"Live Review - Supporting Electric Six"

As the opening act, they plow through their set of chugging riffs and fiddly solos with tongues lodged firmly in-cheek. It is a baffling yet dazzling display of hard rock technique, replete with leotards, top hats and thongs.

At one point, masked guitarist Shred Head wails through an elongated solo whilst walking through the bar, pausing for photographs with delighted punters. The riotous response from the crowd and the energy with which this outfit perform suggests that, like it or lump it, Mental Deficiency are here to stay. - Culture Northern Ireland

"Live Review - Supporting Arnocorps"

Notorious hard rockin’ funsters Mental Deficiency are an apt choice for second support act, with influences ranging from Rocky and Robocop to Buckfast and breasts. It’s hard not to get caught up in MD’s infectious brand of silliness, with accomplished riffing accompanying the top hats, fright masks and leotards. Just because they’re a comedy band doesn’t mean they can’t rock. - Culture Northern Ireland

"Live Review - Molten Magazine Launch"

Between sets the entire crowd head for the bar, a sure sign that you’re at a metal gig, but they wander back to gawp at the spectacle that is Mental Deficiency. They announce loudly that they’re not a comedy band, people just laugh at them. It’s really hard not to though, as Mr Majestic, proudly wields his patriot shield and then flails about doing his zombie dance for the bemused crowd. He very nearly succumbs to the same stage diving fate as Adam, but saves himself just in time. ‘We are nothing without our costume changes,’ he cries as he dons his Robocop costume which reminds us of something our mum made us for a halloween party in primary school. This just makes us love them even more though, and by the end of their set more of the band are in the crowd than on the stage, whilst Alex Kazam ends up doing shoulder spins - lying on the ground running in circles while playing guitar. The antics these guys can manage while still hitting the right notes never fail to amaze us. - BBC

"Live Review - Supporting The Rubberbandits"

Support tonight comes from local lads Mental Deficiency, who are as close to being the illegitimate lovechild of Spinal Tap and Electric Six as it is possible to be. Desperate for attention, with ridiculous hand made props and insane lyrics, they very thoughtfully provide us with glasses so we can watch the gig in 3D. In all the madness it would be easy to overlook the fact that these guys are actually good musicians, managing to leap around the stage in their morphsuits and pyjamas, and run through the crowd without missing a note. 'I, living dead' sees the audience dancing like zombies, and one dedicated fan carries on his own one-man ‘Thriller’ dance for the entire song, much to our amusement. Our funny bones have been thoroughly tickled in anticipation of the main event. - BBC

"Live Review - Sunflowerfest"

As night starts to wrap itself round the grounds I head to the Barn stage for a first time viewing of Mental Deficiency. Sweet zombie Jesus. If you haven’t seen them live before then there is actually something missing from your life, they are some sick amalgamation of Dead Kennedys and The Misfits. Heavy, hilarious, deep grooves and with balls to spare; who else’s set are you likely to get hit with 3D glasses and celery during? - All Gone Pop


Album - '...And Now for Something Completely Deficient'
Single - GHHGHB (feat. Roysta)
EP - Musically Challenged



2011-12 has been an incredible year for the band. With the release of their debut album, an ever increasing fanbase and many high profile gigs they have cemented their reputation as Northern Ireland’s ultimate cross-genre act. Impossible to pigeonhole, they’ve had amazing success playing alongside rock, indie, hip-hop, electronic and metal bands leading to dedicated fans from all of the musical sub-cultures.

As a live act they had already established themselves as one of the most entertaining and outrageous bands on the circuit, incorporating theatrics, props, humour and extreme mobility into their shows to provide the audience with an exciting assault on the senses.

With the release of the Rocky O’Reilly produced, ‘…And Now For Something Completely Deficient,’ they brought their songwriting and musical talents to the fore, showcasing an incredible selection of catchy and meaningful songs. From THE PATRIOT, a satire on blind faith in a nation’s leader to THEY MOSTLY COME AT NIGHT..MOSTLY, an anthemic salute to 1980s cinematic heroism, Mental Deficiency have created catchy music with a unique lyrical direction that has captured the imaginations of literally thousands of people.

They’ve already hit the ground running this year with two music videos in production, an upcoming support slot for a world famous international band and continued embracing of digital media to connect with fans. With 4600 followers and counting on Facebook alone the Mental Army is expanding quicker than anyone had ever anticipated.

2012 is the year of Mental Deficiency. It’s only a matter of time until the lunatics take over the asylum.

A Few Highlights of the Last Year

Recorded and launched our debut album, “And Now For Something Completely Deficient.”

Packed out performance at Pigstock Festival.

Supported The Rubberbandits at the Stiff Kitten for Shine Productions.

Packed out performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Supported Electric Six at the Spring & Airbrake for CDC Leisure.

Packed out performance at Sunflowerfest.

Chosen to play at the launch event for Molten Magazine. Mental Deficiency guitarist Alex Kazam invited to be a columnist for the publication.

Other successful gigs played in Republic and Northern Ireland.

Supported international touring band Alestorm.

Supporting international touring band Arnocorps in July.

Played at a two day festival supporting In Case Of Fire in The Cellar Bar, Draperstown. Named as the highlight of the weekend by the promoter.

Selected to support The Rubberbandits once again in the Portrush Playhouse.