Mississauga, Ontario, CAN

High octane hard rock band from southern Ontario Canada
Fully charged and kickin live!


Mental Friction is a group of young musicians from Mississauga Ontario, Canada, the same city that spawned the groups Billy Talent and Ill Scarlet (must be something in the water). Mental Friction is the compilation of several years of hard work, band member changes and additions. Headed up by the pounding vocals of Christian Price the band is just releasing it's latest work "Welcome To The Neighborhood". Always a kicking live act Mental Friction comes to life on stage pulling out all the stops and dialing up the vibe.
Influences: Velvet Revolver, GnR, 3 Days Grace, Stone Temple Pilots


new release
• Welcome to the Neighbourhood
• Headstrong
• High Maintenance
• Secrets and Sorrows
can be heard on site,

Set List

Our set list goes roughly 45 minutes to an hour depending on the venue, usually about 10 songs give or take.
Average 45 minute set
All original material!

• Christine

• Chasing Gemini

• 12 & 7

• Thining Air

• Fame

• Lizard King

• Up tight