Mentalist Christopher Grace

Mentalist Christopher Grace

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Christopher Grace is a master at persuasion & influence. Demonstrating the performance of "mentalism," Chris will "read your minds"... well not really. Chris will make it look as if he can read your minds, and then he'll tell you exactly how he did it! A show that has to be seen to be believed!


Christopher Grace's intense 75 minute comedy mind reading & mentalism performance is seen at over 100 campuses around the country every year! In the show you can expect: Hilarious demonstrations of Chris own In Your Head style of mind reading! Classic stunts from the circus and carnival sideshows! And feats of the absolutely impossible! You will witness daring magic, mentalism and stunts that only Chris is crazy enough to perform night after night!

Chris will demonstrate, astounding psychology, math, memory, endurance skills, pain resistance (with Chris 80 year old bear trap!), some interesting uses of a large 5 inch nail, and other pieces that you truly have to see to believe! (like how walking on broken glass is of no issue for Chris) This is a show designed to get your blood pumping and minds racing!..And has been seen at over 350 college campuses nationwide!

With Every College Performance:

You can expect 2 full hours of complimentary roaming mind reading and magic. Chris will peruse your campus, dining hall, and even go into the dorm common areas to amaze the students! Chris has been doing this for years and its guaranteed to bring in students who would have otherwise missed the show!