Men Under Sexual Tension

Men Under Sexual Tension


M.U.S.T. is high energy, ass movin', smooth groovin', authentic music from the Paradise known as Wisconsin. With three lead singers, M.U.S.T. has cross Genre appeal and we can litterally adjust our set based off the audiance and the groups we play with.


M.U.S.T. is Poprock with a metal edge influenced by decades of music from the 70's, 80's, and 90's that transends genres and generations. From Metallica to the Greatful Dead and on to James Brown all the way through No Doubt, M.U.S.T. represents. With attractive, unforgettable Lyrics and arrangements this charismatic and marketable 5- some demands attention. A new style has emerged as a result of accomplishing the task of dual, dueling Bass Guitars accompanied by powerful rhythms and Coliseum sized Guitar techniques. Not to mention the sexy and succulent trio of lead singers, it seems both obvious and clear as to the future of MEN UNDER SEXUAL TENSION.


4 song self titled demo available now
Full Length Album recorded at PACHYDERM Studios scheduled for release April 2005.
Downloads and free demo info. available at