Men Without Brains

Men Without Brains


Down and dirty house music with electro and acid flavours featuring impressive FX and slick production. Thumping four on the floor dance beats and 'in your face' bass are the trademarks of this duo.


Men Without Brains are these two guys from Calgary. One has been Dj'ing for about a million years, and the other is one of those jazz-y guitar guys. They make what some, but not others, would refer to as 'music'. "It's basically acid-electro-house", clarifies MW/OBster Matt Beaubien. "or at the very least something to get strange looks from your neighbor ", adds Brainiac Kevin Kaminski. Currently MW/OBs are finishing work on their upcoming album which will showcase their sort of gray-area-between-insane-and-ingenious studio savvy as well as thier unique approach to the writing and arranging of dance music. Hard hitting house rythms with savage basslines, and a humourous bent come together to create a strong impression on listeners, not to mention a strong desire to ... DANCE!!!

Set List

Our sets are about an hour in length, consisting mainly of upbeat electro / acid house music and unique covers such as Wicked Game by Chris Issac and the Super Mario Brothers Star Theme.