Merchants of Solace

Merchants of Solace


Our band is tight, energetic, infectious, original, dynamic, and powerful. We like to make people dance. The lyrics are about positivity and acceptance.


We are very groovy and dance oriented with just enough hard rock funk thrown into the mix. If you like the Chili Peppers, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, Herbie Hancock, and or Incubus, you will enjoy us. We started out as PBF, Morphed into Anode, Changed line ups, The frontman was ill from 2004- 2006, then Merchants of Solace was solidified in late 2006.
The messages in the music are very positive and are designed to encourage acceptance and love.


Not Alone

Set List

MoS Originals:
First fifty minute set:
Not Alone, You don't know what it means, Picture, Dust, Embrace, Hit Me In the Back, Look And See, All Broke Down.

2nd Set
In My Skin, Bebe 79, Workin', Easier, Turnaround, Walls, City Song, Worse Off, Home

Third 50 minute set:
The cellar, Faceless, Search, At Least, Michael, Mistrust, Hope, Cidea, Immortal,

We do covers when we feel the setting is right. Some of the songs we do are:
Roxanne by the police,
Kiss by Prince
Aeroplane by the Chilli Peppers
Smoke Baby by Hawksley Workman
Know Your Enemy By Rage Against the Machine.