Merchantz Ent

Merchantz Ent

 Denver, Colorado, USA
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Formed in Denver in 2008, Merchantz Entertainment LLC has become one of the premiere independent labels Colorado has to offer. With artist marketing & development, song writing, and beat making as focal points for the growing company, they have built a network of resources and industry connections.


Streetwise and Poetic Just-Is (Spazmatik) are two of the original members of the Denver based, 5 man rap group "The Merchantz" and also co-founders of Merchantz Entertainment LLC. Merchantz Ent is a multi-faceted entertainment firm and record label that specializes in artist management, development, marketing, promotion, song writing, production, beat making, publishing, distribution, and short run CD duplication . The Merchantz are from Denver Colorado. There are five original members of The Merchantz and they inlcude Streetwise, Poetic Just-Is (aka Spazmatik), Don Sosa, Dezert E, and Scorch. As President and VP of Merchantz Entertainment LLC Streetwise and Poetic Just-Is, oversee the operation of the label. All publishing, marketing, promotion, distribution,booking, and recording go through them. As artists Streetwise and Poetic set themselves apart as emcees and lyricists by producing well constructed, insightful, intelligent rhyme schemes. While providing versatile deliveries along with creative word play, they craft each song with meaning and purpose.


Everyday Everynight

Written By: Streetwise

Everyday, Everyday Everynight, Everynight/
You know I, You know I, stay so High//
Everyday, Everyday, Everynight, Everynight/
You know I, You know I, stay so fly//
I'm so high, I'm so fly/
Feels like i, can touch the sky//
I'm so high, I'm so fly/
Feels like i can touch the sky--//


Written By: Don Sosa & Streetwise

Top knotch chick, shes a top knotch chick/
top knotch, top knotch//
the way she make it rock/
the way she make that p-ssy pop OMG yea//

She Lookin Like

Written By: Streetwise & Spazmatik

She lookin like, she ready to roll/
She lookin like, she ready to lose control//
She lookin like, she got her game face on/
She lookin like, she wanna take that off//
She lookin like, she ready to go/
She lookin like, she ready to take control//
She lookin like, she got her game face on/
She lookin like, she want me to take that off//

For Everybody

Written By: Streetwise & Spazmatik

Every time we spit flows, its for everybody/
Every time we rock shows, its for everybody//
Its never been about the dough, its just for everybody/
Yea its for everybody never been about the money//
Its for everybody, yea its for everybody/
We do it for the people, thats for everybody//
You hear the new single, thats for everybody/
Its for everybody, never been about the money//

Right Now (Changing the Game)

Written By: Streetwise & Spazmatik

Its our time right here, we put on right now/
Get it in right here, you should know by now/
that we changing the game/
We changing the game//
T:hey say we changing the game/
Merchantz changing the game//
uh huh, yea, yea///


Streetwise & Poetic Just-is: Rhyme & Reason coming 2011 (LP)
Streetwise & Natalia: Everyday Everynight 2011 (single)*
Streetwise & Poetic Just-is: Changing The Game 2011 (single)*
Streetwise & Poetic Just-is: We Livin' 2011( Single)*
Streetwise & Poetic Just-Is: For Everybody 2011(single)*
Streetwise & Poetic Just-Is: She Lookin' Like 2011(single)
Streetwise & Don Sosa: OMG 2010 (single)
The Merchantz: The 2nd Coming 2009 (LP)
The Merchantz: Money'$ Worth 2007 (LP)

Set List

Streetwise, Spazmatik, Don Sosa, Natalia
30 minute set:

Set it Off
When You Hear That
For Everybody
She Lookin Like
Right Now
Everyday Everynight

60 minute Set:

Put Ya Cups Up
Right Now
We Livin'
She Lookin Like
Everyday Everynight
So Selfish
Stick Em Up
When you hear That
Killin Em
For Everybody
Where You Should Be
Keep Holding On

We have recorded over 60 songs in the last 5 years.
So we have at least 3 different set lists we can perform, in variations of 20, 30, 60, and 90 minute sets.