Tamworth, England, GBR


It begins in a small town at the heart of a small country, where three young men came to form a voice with which to tell a story that needed to be heard. Growing up through British working class mentalities, Mercian sing of the obsessions of everyday life, the heartache and joy of each brush with nameless fates, the heart of a small town and country with an exuberant pulse, the fights, the brawls, the alcohol and drug related dreams, the grandeur that can be found in daily British life, the brief encounters in the darkness of a forgotten era and the destroyed foundations of a generation. Something too powerful to be read or spoken, but too delicate to be yelled or cried. Raw, powerful, energetic and yet solemn, poetic and humble. This is Mercian.


2 Singles: Lost In Translation and Wasters on the Roadside.