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Majah Motion Picture vol.1 hosted by lil one the champ (mixtape released indepently)
Majah Motion Picture vol.2 hosted by Dj A1
The W hosted by DJ SMALLZ mixtape slated for release on Decmbe 10th


Feeling a bit camera shy


When you think of emcees, flow, cat that can spit, one of the places that never-ever come to mind as the birth or such an artist, is Hawaii. Yes I said Hawaii, with the resurgence of the television show Hawaii Five-O, visions beautiful blue waters, beaches and luais fill your mind but never, the birthplace for an emerging hip-hop artists. Well the section of Hawaii known as Waianae is the birthplace of an emcee known to the streets and soon to be known to the world as Merc Majah (pronounced major).

Despite his place of birth, Merc’s story is not that much different from many others in hip-hop. Ran the streets with a brief stop of two to jail, living by any means necessary to get that cake the only way he knew how. Putting in work in the streets was his 9-5 and spitting rhymes was his side hustle. But after beating two counts of Aggravated Robbery and getting shot 5 times on Superbowl Sunday 2010 (one bullet a millimeter from his heart and another which still sits in his back) and the birth of his son, led the now 23 years old to put the strap down and pick up the mic seriously. He made the decision to spit an arsenal of rhymes instead of spraying shells bullets fulltime.

“When my son was born, I still had the bandages from my bullet wounds on and knew I needed to make a change,” says Merc Majah (whose name came from Merc short for mercenary, but instead of being a hired killed he choose to murder the beat, & Majah, cause he says he was never on no minor figure ish).

Moving around a lot with brief stops in San Antonio (where his mom is from), Portland, Oregon, Dallas and Houston, Texas and New Orleans, before finally settling down where his dad was from and where was born in Hawaii, has given him a more worldly view of things as supposed to cats that never left there hood all there life. “Some cats can’t see the big picture cause they never been nowhere.”

East Coast artists like Jay Z, Jadakiss, D Block & The Lox, early Meek Mills and Cassidy all starred in the soundtrack of his youth. But moving to Houston he got down with the sounds the chopped and screwed movement and then discovered cats like Trick Daddy. When he moved to N.O. at the age of 17, 18, he was influenced by the Carter I & II by Lil Wayne. ‘I’m an East Coast Spitta, with southern slang and style, who speaks from a person who has done it all,” states Merc when asked to describe his style and flow.

One listen to his first three mixtapes which he calls that Cracc On Wax, ‘Bangahville Resident,’ (2006-07) ‘Majah Motion Picture,’ (2010) and ‘Majah Motion Picture Vol. 2 – The Horror Show,’ (2011) ( all available on Dat and it aint hard to tell, you are not dealing with ya run of the mill street cat. With the release of his upcoming mixtape ‘Tha W’ where Merc says he’s getting his Frank Lucas on, he plans to build on his rep he built with the streets, and take his particular brand of dope to the world. “Everything I’ve released up to now cant compare to The W, which starts of like the first scene of Gladiator and ends like Superfly riding off into the sunset.”

Like Biggie who repped Bed Sty til he died, Merc wants to introduce the world to Waianae. He wants to rep his hood to the fullest and show the world Hawaii aint all what the world thinks it is. Where he comes from instead of cats playing basketball all day, all they do is fight. They either get into boxing or kick boxing and sometimes both. “I sponsor one or two cats now in the MMA, when I get my cake up, Ima really get into that and sponsor cats from my hood in the MMA.”

Merc wants to make a difference. He wants to show what the transformation of a real artists is. He knows even if he started on a real street, grimy tip in his rhymes, he needs to graduate to really building up his hood. “Where I’m from…, I mean every hood in America is effed up but where I’m from young dudes really feel there is no hope, nothing to live for, we literally live at the end of the road. You drive any further and you in the water. I wanna give them young cats something to live for,” shares Merc. “As far as this rap ish is concerned, I wanna make a difference, rep my hood and stack up as much cake as I can, for my son to have a better live, just in case, I leave here to early.”

Merc wants to take that street mentality and hustler spirit and really make a real impact in the rap game. As someone who been through and seen a lot at a very early age, not too much excites him. This Bangahville Resident wants to leave a legacy for his son and open the door for the youngstas where he’s from and other young cats from hoods all over America to live out their dreams. Show them there is a better way and let them know no matter what their circumstances are in and where they come from they too can life the Majah Life