Hollywood, California, USA

Mercurine is extremely emotional, with moments of quiet introspection building into heavy walls of sound that hit the listener in the gut while at the same time drying their tears with a melodic kiss.


Mercurine is Mera Roberts and Byron Brown, a powerhouse duo whose music is at once modern yet reflective of post punk and new wave.

The Mercurine sound is the shimmer of guitars through a synthesized current of melody and pulse, bound together with feminine vocal polarities from fragile to fierce.

Based in Los Angeles, Mercurine are well known on the West Coast for their live performances. The duo is rounded out with a drummer and bassist to enhance their unique brand of synth-rock and deliver it to an audience in a constantly variable and animated style.

Mercurine toured across the USA in 2006 and 2007, performed at the prestigious Whitby Gothic Weekend (UK) in 2008, and are now back in the studio.


Waiting For Another Fall (c) 2005 - Full length self-release.

"Bluemouse" aired on 103.1FM Los Angeles, "check one...two" with Mark Sovel

Music Is Chemical (c) 2003 - Full length self-release.

Mercurine EP (c) 2002 - Self-released demo.

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Set List

Typical set is 30-40 minutes long.