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The best kept secret in music


Wow, what a surprise! Image isn't everything this time around. When I first saw "Mercury Boy" my first thought was, "this is going to be some synth pop/space age/electronica style musician" BUT to my surprise it was much better! Don't let the blue hair, glitter makeup, metallic clothing, spage age guns, and pink/purple/blue space-like cover artwork fool you! The music inclosed is upbeat rock and roll with lots of loud guitars and drums hosted by superb vocals. The music will just blow you away. Hopefully this is what mainstream music will sound like in the future, I rather enjoy it! The sound this album produces reminds me ever so slightly of Jimmy Eat World. Its knock the socks off your feet fun. Definitely a good investment if you're into the new breed of popular music! [Rating: 10+/10] - Wednesday Elektra

You are going to love the album art. The sci-fi theme is very well done! By the appearance I almost expected a jump back 20-years to the 1980’s true retro/electro rock. But to my surprise, a wall of well tracked guitars in my ears…upbeat head bobbin’ rock’n roll! However, I would even venture to say their sound touches the pop-punk sound, mixed with well thought out vocals, and a killer sound! This 4-song EP wouldn’t stop playing in my CD player.

Mercury Boy is a power trio with a strong happy twist. I even hear elements of the B52’s; dare I compare. I guarantee you will enjoy this record, over and over again. For a very straightforward rock album, the creativity level is very high binging in sounds and elements of familiar styles that catches the ear and maybe even triggers memories. Who knows? What I do know is you have to listen to these guys. If they come through your town, go see them! I hope I get to some day!

Favorite Track: 2, “Bus Driver” - Erik Beyer

One review I read about this release/artist described it as cartoony. For the most part, I think that was intended as a compliment. I would certainly consider it to be one, as I happen to like animated films.

The band does bright glammy-metal pop, dominated by simple but propulsive drums and fuzzy power chords, just lightly dusted with camp, like Gary Numan meets Motley Crue or Bryan Ferry fronting a mathrock outfit.

I'm particularly fond of 'Keep It Real' , with its swelling harmonies and sardonic edge, and 'It's All Trash', for much the same reason (though the latter has a catchier tune), but the other two songs ('Bus Driver' and 'Cyberjunkie') are also entertaining. In fact, I hope to hear more from this act, at greater length, in the was fun AND rocking, and the two so rarely coincide these days... :) - Tim Murphy


Get It Goin' (Jafzi Records) EP includes, Keep It Real, Bus Driver, It's All Trash, Cyberjunkie. Request Bus Driver on WKDU in Philadelphia, 215-895-5917, or WNTI in New Jersey, 908-852-4545,


Feeling a bit camera shy


MERCURY BOY is the devil on your shoulder, getting you to reveal your desires and expose the thoughts and emotions you’re too ashamed to admit. He reveals them so you can relax, knowing there’s someone else out there that feels the same way you do. You’re not alone…and not so strange after all!

MERCURY BOY is about high-energy, fun, upbeat music with a twist of sci-fi adventure, and a sense of mystery. Blending his love of sci-fi movies and comic books with rock attitude and pop culture, MERCURY BOY’s songs energize you and make you want to move.

In his debut release Get It Goin’ (Jafzi Records), MERCURY BOY shows that he is not influenced by other artists but by the power of their songs, and a craving for music that invigorates the listener into action. About his goals, the artist says: “MERCURY BOY is my endeavor to put the energy back into music where it has been absent. The overindulgence of emo, the listlessness of shoegazing, the depression of grunge all bore me. Therefore I perform to provoke people to expose their inner thoughts and desires, and to share my hyperactivity with them.”

The four songs on Get It Goin’ are a compilation of snippets of personal experiences, things he’s seen around him, emotions and insights all thrown together. “I create and gather thousands of little bits and pieces of words, music, feelings and melodies in my head that I put down on my recorder and post-it notes,” reveals MERCURY BOY. “Then I restlessly sit down and develop each idea, fleshing them out until they become full songs. Only the strong survive…I have rigorous criteria for what becomes a MERCURY BOY song.”

The songs that made it onto this CD provide a persuasive pop-rock punk base to his messages of realization:

“Keep It Real” – about the lies we tell to get what we want, the truths we hide to keep our lives in control, the act we play to make it all look seamless and real. This song began as a conversation with a friend – telling him he could have any woman he wanted if he were willing to do whatever it would take to get her. How far would he go? Would he lie to get her? And what then would it take to keep her?

“Bus Driver” – you know this person – outgoing, energetic, full of life. He always has something going on that you’re invited to. This song is through the eyes of that person, calling you to join him, saying ‘Follow me on this journey, join me for the ride.’

“It’s All Trash” – the shallowness of fame, wealth, and popularity. We know it’s all just surface beauty, that there’s a lack of depth of character in wanting only these things. Striving for them will not fulfill the longing and desire inside and yet we still want them, strive for them, desire them, even need them. Instead of rectifying this discrepancy, I’ve accepted the paradox that these two opposing views exist within at the same time.

“Cyberjunkie” – the lyric came from a poem my cousin wrote in response to society’s growing hunger for, and reliance upon, technology. As a computer game junkie – spending hours playing games – and an avid reader of Wired Magazine, I totally relate. The song is a favorite of my fans at my live shows.

Mercury Boy is presently writing and recording his full-length album due out in the fall.