Mercury Legion

Mercury Legion


The idea behind Mercury Legion has always been to create music outside of the boring formula cookie cutter crap currently being fed to the masses. Mercury Legion was founded on the idea that music should be original, authentic, fun, entertaining, and undeniably energetic!


Mercury Legion’s music contains a diverse mix of sounds, from feel-good rock tunes to technical punk with a metal edge. Humor and sarcasm also play a big role in Mercury Legion’s music as evidenced by many of their lyrics.


The latest Mercury Legion EP is "It's A Wonderful Life". The hit singles are: It's A Wonderful Life, Hollow Man, and Kill The Pedofiles. The CD is being distributed by Cinque Entertainment. Mercury Legion recorded its debut album, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder. About a year later, Mercury Legion recorded a second album called, It Happened on a Friday Night, with the infamous Jason Sears from the band RKL (Rich Kids on LSD) performing lead vocals. Mercury Legion also recorded songs for two tribute albums in honor of punk legends RKL and DRI (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles). The RKL tribute album is titled For Those About to Trip and the DRI tribute album is titled We Don’t Need Society --both put out by Malt Soda Recordings.

Set List

The songs that we perform on our sets are:
Hollow Man, Filthy Hippie, It's a Wonderful Life, Kill the Pedophiles, Frat House Rock, Heavy Metal Nightmare, and American Pride which are all from our current EP "It's A Wonderful Life". Our set usually last anywhere from 15-30 minutes, depending on the show format and situation.