Mercury Radio Theater

Mercury Radio Theater

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Philadelphia's only punk/instrumental performance art experience.


In a smoke filled rock club in old city Philadelphia, there’s a crowd of kids mulling around waiting for the next band to start. A night filled with bands that sound just like all the others on the radio, the crowd is bored and waiting for the headliner. Until, that is, a booming echoing presence over the sound system tells them to pay attention. When Mercury Radio Theater takes the stage there are solid math rock beats accentuated by running bass lines that interplay with melodic guitars. Altogether excluding things like scratchy throaty singers and mundane rhythm guitars is what makes Mercury Radio Theater different. As the show proceeds the crowd finds that there is not just exciting instrumental music to listen to, but also a story narrated by a creepy disembodied voice and pictures projected onto a screen provide the visuals for the terrifying tales.

In the Spring of 2011 Mercury Radio Theater will release their 3rd album to the anticipation of a fervent cult fan base. The release of this 3rd album, simply titled “Kilroy" will be a fan favorite as well as a delight to the uninitiated. “Kilroy" will feature jagged, fast paced guitar riffs, accompanied by driving, frenzy filled bass lines and machine gun drumming. The album features expeditious punk/instrumental songs that illuminate the narrative of an aged werewolf and his young companion. The album is a continuation of Mercury Radio Theater’s “The Death and Life of the Undead Boy” and "Blue Eyed Model" which they released in 2003 and 2005 respectively, to both critical and fanatical praise.


2011-Kilroy (Independent)
2007- Sponsor a Zombie Short Film and EP (Independent)
2005- The Blue Eyed Model (Friction/Lujo records)
2004- All These Things Do Not Belong (standard recordings)
2003-Death and Life of the Undead Boy (angryson records)
2002- Three Inches of Terror
2001- The Manhattan Zombie Massacre
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Set List

Mercury's unique story telling sets lasts from 35 to 45 minutes per episode. With 3 episodes to choose from and a 4th to debut in spring/2011. Songs include, but are not limited too, We Put The Fun Back In Funeral, Who Shot Whistler's Mother, The Blue Eyed Model, No Me Gusta, Are You Adequately Prepared To Rock, and many more.