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Southern born & raised. A cross breed of Kurt Cobain & Nas. I don't want to make music forever but I wanna make forever music.


The Prestige 2 is the second installment by South Florida rapper Mercy, released November 11, 2011. Following the underground success of his acclaimed debut album, The Prestige (Janurary 11, 2011), Mercy chose to focus his efforts in a more mainstream direction. Primarily produced by Solidified, it is a return for him from the raw, underground tone of his debut album towards a more polished, mainstream sound. The album features some of Queensbridge finest Nature and Mobb Deep's affilate Big Noyd plus more! The second edition of the Three part series...The Prestige 2: Take It In Blood. This second time around you get to witness the musical growth of a new blood, who has risen from the Everglades of Florida.


The Prestige II - November 2011
Heroes & Villians - August 2011
The Prestige - Jan 2011