Mercy Falling

Mercy Falling

 Rochester, New York, USA

High energy, guitar driven rock, with great hooks and positive lyrics.


Mercy Falling was formed, by the hand of God, in early spring 2007. All the members paths had crossed before and their hearts were stirring for an opportunity like this. The Lord put each of them on each others heart, and then brought it all together. By late summer the band had a set list of 5 original songs and 4 worship songs, and they played at a couple of youth retreats, to a very good response. Then they turned their focus to new material and recording. The band started 2008 with a new demo and started booking shows. They were invited to headline a night at the Wake The Nation Revival in Virginia, which will be held June 15th-17th 2008. The band played at Roberts Wesleyan College and will be expanding their horizons this summer with many out of town shows. They are so blessed and excited about what the Lord is doing through this band.


Broken- Demo cd
Air play on Uncle Samoo's Zoo and Youth Roots Radio.