Mercy Of Jane

Mercy Of Jane


Mercy of Jane is an experianced group of musicians shredding up the GTA, representing Burlington, Ontario starting in 2005. Mercy of Jane’s sound consists mainly on an upbeat style vibe that puts the audience in awe and enlightens listeners with their thrashing licks and hardcore alternative sound.


Straight out of Burlington, MOJ has been playing together for 4 years. Having once been a part of the audience at many a show in Burlington's vibrant music scene, the boys decided to put together a performance of their own. In the beginning, the band was nothing but a recreational pursuit, a random combination of genres and influences with no real backbone to the music. But with the addition of a new bass player, MOJ discovered their sound. A hybrid of punk rock and alternative, with the speed, ferocity, and shredding licks of metal. Starting at age fifteen, the boys started out small, playing highschool gigs and parties. But since then have played many local venues, competed in many Battle of the Bands, and even played Toronto's Opera House and Hard Rock Cafe. So lend an ear to the face-melting, cock-blocking, sock-rocking quartet that is, The Mercy of Jane.


We currently have one newly recorded song called "City Of Heroes" Which represents all aspects of our playing as well as our musicianship.

Set List

Our typical set list ranges from 30-50 minutes. During that time we are able to play roughly 6-8 songs. If needed, we can also fill up a set of 1-1.5 hours.