Mercy of Jane

Mercy of Jane


Shredding guitars, funky bass lines, and soaring vocals all brought together in perfect rhythm. In the 4 years this 4-piece has been around, they've been leaving crowds in awe around the GTA. Mercy of Jane combines a listenable, sound with a more technical element.


Mercy of Jane is a four-piece from Burlington, Ontario. In the four years they've been together, the group has progressed substantially as musicians, writing songs that reflect snapshots of their progress. During this time, MOJ has played a number of venues across the GTA, building their reputation as a band, as well as leaving crowds in awe along the way. The driving, shredding guitars, and funky, yet original bass lines, give MOJ a unique sound. A very technically competent drummer, in combination with the rich vocals, molds that uniqueness into something listenable. These are the kind of melodies that stay with you, that you'll catch yourself trying to whistle from day-to-day. These are the melodies that people remember. So listen up, we are the Mercy of Jane.


City of Heroes - Demo track

Set List

Instroo Mental
Song 3
This Time Around
No Good in Bye
City of Heroes
Stuck in a Rut