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Mercy Rising

Youngstown, Ohio, United States

Youngstown, Ohio, United States
Band Christian Rock


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"Interview with The Source Radio"

Jimmy's interview with John Geiger from Servant's Heart Music (12/04/06)

The Source Radio: Where are you from originally and what sort of things were you into growing up?

Jimmy McLoud: I am originally from Northeastern Ohio. Growing up, I loved sports, and I was always interested in music. My mom was a music major in college, so being raised in a home like mine, naturally I had an interest from early on.

TSR: How did you get started in the music business?
JM: I was working as a counselor at a week of camp in June, 2000 and I met two guys that I eventually wound up traveling with (along with a third that came later) for 3 years. This band (Sanctuary) is really what jumpstarted my music career.

TSR: How long have you been doing what you are doing now?
JM: I've been traveling and playing semi-professionally off and on for almost 6 years now.

TSR: Who were some of your musical influences?
JM: Clapton, Warren Haynes, Dave Matthews, Steven Curtis Chapman, John Mayer, Lifehouse, Jars, BB and Hendrix, David Saw, Tim Reynolds. Basically anyone with great vocals, smooth guitar tracks and a catchy, original sound.

TSR: Right now you're playing with mercyRISING. How are things going?
JM: I can't even tell you what an incredibly fast and fun process this has been. We have barely been playing together for any time at all, and we already have a live concert DVD in the works, we've played a couple great shows, and we haven't even really made any pushes for booking. I love it.

TSR: Tell me about the guys from mR.
JM: Mark Heddleson plays the drums. He is amazing. His technicality is incredible, but he's great at just picking up and improvising. Easily the best drummer I've ever played with. Jeff is a great guitarist. What he brought when he joined the group is exactly what we needed. I can't even tell you what a difference he makes, and he's so talented. Sam is the goofball. We're all like little kids, but Sam's easily "that one." I love watching him play, he gets so into it. He is such a gifted bass guitarist, but more than that, his passion really shows through when he plays. If you get a chance, watch the DVD and you'll see what I mean about these guys. They're all awesome.

TSR: For those who may not have heard you before, how would you describe your music?
JM: The guys (from mercyRISING) and I are still feeling out our style a little bit. We are relatively young as a group, so we're still experimenting and seeing where things go. We're writing some stuff right now, and it's coming out kinda edgy, but very unique. It's a little different style then I've ever really played much, but I like it a lot. It fits us well.

TSR: When you say edgy, you mean...
JM: Each of us brings something different to the table musically. We each have very different influences and personal styles but we have great chemistry together, so when you put it all together it comes out pretty original. It's hard to say...I guess we'll find out soon enough when the DVD or CD is finished.

TSR: What would you say that most of your songs are about?
JM: Many of the songs I write are born out of some night of sitting on my roof and playing my guitar while contemplating some part of life that connects with me on an emotional level at the time. A lot of the time my songs are written with a message that I feel that people need to hear. Some of them are simply cries from my heart to God's.

TSR: What is the most important thing that you would like people to take away from your music or live shows?
JM: Beyond anything, I hope that they remember the universal message that I try to convey through all of the songs I write: there is hope in life. Its easy to lose sight of that when everything crashes down on us and our worlds are seemingly falling apart. I try to let that message show through in some way in my music.

TSR: What are your favorite words of wisdom?
JM: Isaiah 40:30-31: "Even youths grow tired and weary and young men stumble and fall. But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint." My great-grandma read that to me when I was really young, and its stuck with me throughout my life. She was my role model.

TSR: What things do you like to do in your spare time?
JM: I love basketball and golfing, the ocean, and just hanging out with friends. I love to travel. I have some plans in the works right now to go backpack through Ireland next summer with a couple of my buddies. Id be lying if I said I dont like to blow money shopping once in a while. And of course, I love playing my guitar and writing songs.

TSR: What about the ladies? Any current interests?
JM: You know, its funny, I was just telling one of my friends the other day about how all of my friends seem like theyre either moving away or getting married, even some of my friends that I always thought Id be married long before them. But no, Im single, Im trying to live a little I guess before I settle down.

TSR: You have a new solo EP scheduled to be released next summer, your first release in almost 3 years. Why so long?
JM: I spent two-and-a-half years in school, did a little traveling. I went through some things personally that stretched me emotionally. I had thought about releasing an album in 2005, but for a while I was so emotionally and mentally drained that I couldnt write material that I felt was fit for recording. Plus I didnt have the determination or focus at that point in my life to put everything together. Either way, at this point the EP is on hold. mercyRISING is by far the focus of my energy right now, and I'm loving every second of it.

TSR: What direction can we expect your songs to take us?
JM: When I get around to releasing the EP, what you'll hear as an overwhelming theme will be, hopefully, the reassurance that through personal struggles, whether youre facing them on an emotional, mental, physical, spiritual level, whatever it is for you, theres a brighter day coming. Once I realized that and accepted that fact, my outlook on life changed almost overnight. Some of the songs will probably come across a little hopeless but as the album progresses the direction will become more apparent. This album really tracks a journey I went through for about 18 months and I really poured more of myself into the songs on this album than any of the other songs Ive ever written.

TSR: Any plans for touring in the near future?
JM: The guys and I are taking the holidays and just relaxing, writing some new stuff, working on the DVD and CD...enjoying some free time. We're getting ready to start making a big booking push for next spring and summer. Hopefully we'll have a good full schedule. - Servant's Heart Music


- Here Lies Love (single) (2006)
- mercyRISING Live (Live) (2006)
- The Magnified EP (2007)
- This is Home (single) 2009
- Waiting for the Sky to Fall (2010)



Mercy Rising is all about impact. Important moments in life are often marked by songs, much like pages in a book. The impact that music can have on a life is often immeasurable; music has changed history, sparked revolutions and inspired generations. A simple song can stir the depths of the soul. Great music can cause change. Mercy Rising makes great music.

Recognizing a call, Mercy Rising was born out of a desire to worship and be instruments for God to use to change lives. They are determined to make sure that never changes. One thing is for certain; they don’t sit still. Their mission is one that they live out. It’s clear on their faces and in their voices both on and off the stage. Whether they’re singing or just speaking with friends and fans after a performance, it’s obvious that impact is more than just a word to Mercy Rising. It’s a mission.