Mercy Rising

Mercy Rising

 Youngstown, Ohio, USA

Mercy Rising is an up and coming Christian rock band from Northeast Ohio. Using the talent God has given them, these 5 guys will engage every audience with the feel of a rock concert while still providing a worship experience.


Mercy Rising is all about impact. Important moments in life are often marked by songs, much like pages in a book. The impact that music can have on a life is often immeasurable; music has changed history, sparked revolutions and inspired generations. A simple song can stir the depths of the soul. Great music can cause change. Mercy Rising makes great music.

Recognizing a call, Mercy Rising was born out of a desire to worship and be instruments for God to use to change lives. They are determined to make sure that never changes. One thing is for certain; they don’t sit still. Their mission is one that they live out. It’s clear on their faces and in their voices both on and off the stage. Whether they’re singing or just speaking with friends and fans after a performance, it’s obvious that impact is more than just a word to Mercy Rising. It’s a mission.


- Here Lies Love (single) (2006)
- mercyRISING Live (Live) (2006)
- The Magnified EP (2007)
- This is Home (single) 2009
- Waiting for the Sky to Fall (2010)

Set List

This is Home
Waiting for the Sky to Fall
Speak to Me
Consume Me
Arms of Christ

Along with various covers and worship songs by
Lincoln Brewster
Third Day
Casting Crowns
David Crowder
and more