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Mercy Stevens

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Pop


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Mayday *****
by Bird Girl 94 - Aug 3, 2009

Great song...great voice. Mercy tells the truth!

Great voice, great music ****
by Bluein TN = May 31, 2009

Mercy Stevens is a great songwriter and a fantastic singer. There are a lot of really good tracks on this album. This stuff needs to be on the radio. Can't wait to hear more!

You Rock *****
by Randigity - Feb 17, 2008

Great she comes.

I Can't Let Go *****
by Kristy D - Dec 10, 2007

follow me down--what a cool song! i had to listen a couple of times to "get it" because it's a little twisted, but that's what makes it cool. definitely worth buying the album to hear. - itunes reviews


By: Jeffrey Kurtis

Mercy Stevens may not be a household name just yet, but if her new material is anything as to what we can expect from her then it won't be long. Though people may already know her from her 2007 release I Can't Let go, this new material takes on a much more positive approach then what you've already come to know from her. With a deal already in place in the UK things are well on the way for Mercy. We had the chance to catch up with her to chat about the new material, the UK Deal, her live shows that include an upcoming stop in Nashville in late September, and much much more.

1. You have been hard work at new material. For people that haven't ever heard your music before what can they expect to hear when they check it out?

A real cliche as that sounds lol. I feel like I've experienced SO much so far in life and a lot dealing with love and relationships. So in other words, it's depressing lol. But the new material is more me, in the now, I should say. More positive, upbeat, outgoing and fun. Bottom line, it will make you wanna dance!

2. For your longtime fans, what similarities and what differences will they find between the new material and the stuff they've come to know with your 2007 debut album I Can't Let Go?

The "I Can't Let Go" album was very emotional. I feel I poured my heart out completely. Maybe a little too much lol. Ummm, it dealt mostly with the guys I had dated and I never really knew how to express my feelings except through music, words, lyrics and poetry. But growing as a person and an artist through music, I've learned over the years what I've needed to do in my life to make things better for myself. And making those better choices has effected how I write my songs, either in a negative, more deep, emotional aspect or in a more positive, lifting way. The newer songs still have heart felt emotions, just not as "dark" shall I say.

3. You write and co-write your songs. How important is it to you that you play a part in writing what you perform night in and night out and why?

The words that come out of my mouth when I sing, feels like they define me as a human being. What I'm singing about has to feel real to me and if it doesn't then my audience will recognize that and lose interest. I can NOT say anything that doesn't mean something to me. Period. That's why I feel I have to be apart of the writing process. If I'm singing it, I want to write it :)

4. You are pitching songs in the UK as singles prior to bringing them out here in the states. What prompted you to pitch the songs there first and what will it take as far as UK chart success before you will bring them here?

The UK deal was actually a friend of mine's idea lol. I honestly never thought outside of the box (The U.S. that is) until Thom, a Scotland native, and I started working together. We actually co-wrote on "Swallow Me whole" which is on my "I Can't Let Go" album. He's an awesome guy and a very talented song-writer and producer as well. We also wrote the songs that will soon be pitched to the UK. He's just a very strong believer in my music and my voice and has been influenced by so many types of music, that I trust his opinion when he tells me people will like the songs we've written. I just look at it as another opportunity to possibly spread my music and lyrics to other parts of the world. You never want to put all of your eggs in one basket right? :) I definitely believe that if these songs (or one song) successfully hits the charts in the UK it would be a huge backbone for me here in the U.S. It would give me creditability and a nice reputation I think. Even though it seems like 2 different worlds (the UK and the US) I feel we're all connected through music and if someone enjoys you there I truly believe they'll enjoy you here too... No matter what gender or race. Give them great music...they'll give you love!

5. Which one song of the new batch do you feel is the one that people need to hear in order to get the best feel for what you do and why?

"Nobody's Girl" would be my pick. It's gritty, dirty, guitar driven, dance madness, every single girl's anthem kind of song lol. I think guys would dig it too because it's down right rockin'. Besides, I have all guy band-mates and they say their favorite is this one too lol :)

6. You have become known for great live shows. What does your live show offer to someone that just spinning your albums doesn't?

Well, imagine talking to a loved one over the phone and you haven't seen them in days, even weeks maybe... Wouldn't you rather see them face to face and be in their presence? See what they look like? If they've changed their hair or their style? There's just something exciting in all of it that you can just feel all the way in your bones! I truly feel my shows are exciting and full of life. Almost like watching a movie. :)

7. On the subject of your live shows, you are playing at the Rutledge in Nashv - THE GUESTLIST MAGAZINE

"Mercy Stevens"

Mercy Steven’s musical career began with a unique blending of Eliza Dolittle meets the Sharks and the Jets, “I was 10 years old and in elementary school in Houston TX , performing bits and pieces of West Side Story and My Fair Lady with my choir. Another girl and I sang ‘I Could Have Danced All Night.’ My mom was in the audience taping it. Afterwards, she ran up to me, hugged and squeezed me like never before, and was saying things like, ‘My daughter can sing! This is my daughter, she can sing!!’ It was hilarious. When we watched the tape later, you could hear her saying to people around her, ‘Oh my God, my daughter can sing,’ relates Mercy, laughing.

“I love my family. We may be a little broken and imperfect, but I'll always love them unconditionally. My mom and dad divorced when I was 10 and my older brother Dustin and I moved with my mom to a town called Tomball , Texas . He and I both graduated from Tomball High School and tried college out for a while. I guess it just wasn't our thing.”

“My dad is a very smart, well-educated businessman and he still lives in Houston with my step mom. I've never met a more masculine, responsible and stern person in all my life, but who somehow always has the ability to make both of us cry when we hug. Wish I could spend more time with him now, as we're both getting older. My mom is an out-going, beautiful, hilarious flight attendant who actually visits me quite a bit here in Nashville . She loves coming to see my brother and me. She would sacrifice anything in the world to make us happy. She's just plain flat out awesome.”

“My brother is the coolest.” Mercy says of her band mate, Dustin. “If anyone can multi-task, it's him. Raising a family, working a full time job, playing drums in my band, writing music with me, plus mowing the lawn, helping around the house. If it weren’t for him, I probably wouldn't even be in Nashville . He has so much belief in his ambitiousness and in me. His encouragement keeps me going.

Aside from her music, Mercy also works a forty plus hour a week job at a retailer in Murfreesboro . “Picking up after people is the worst,” she says laughing. “I enjoy fashion very much though. You should see my closet! I need to have a garage sale soon.”

Mercy is now working with a song-writer/producer on a small demo of three new songs that will soon be pitched around in the UK area. She is also working with another local song-writer/producer on pitching a Christmas song that she, her brother and another writer wrote. “Most importantly though,” she says, “ I'm really working on writing, I’m writing some new material and hoping to bring out great new songs to fans as soon as possible.”

”I am a very blessed person who was given the talent of singing and writing...who was blessed with a passion for music and a caring heart.” Mercy explains, “I used to be this confused, lost, immature person who made bad decisions and hurt people around me, until, honestly...I went to church. I didn't even go to a service or hear a preacher, I went to try out for a vocal team, or, Worship team. My mom made me do it, but I thank her ‘til this day. It has shaped me tremendously as a person or should I say, God has shaped me tremendously and is still at work molding me for a purpose. Although events have happened through out my childhood and teen years that weren't the best, I believe that paths have unfolded the way they were supposed to. I'm an artist, and God and I both know that music is a part of me and will always be a part of me. Whether I'm writing it, playing it or singing it, I believe it's written in the stars for me.”

“We all hurt, we all love, cry, feel joy and passion, have wants, dreams and goals...and we all make mistakes throughout life, too. I just like to express all of that through my lyrics and music. Sometimes I feel like, that’s the only way I can express things. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Honestly. If it wasn’t for the gift of music, I feel I’d be lost in this world. It’s my ultimate passion and I know it has to be apart of the rest of my life some way or another. If there were no music in this world, I’d sacrifice my right arm for it....well maybe my left arm because I’m right-handed,” she says with a smile.

”I truly believe God allows things to happen for a reason. He brings people in our lives for a reason, and He blesses us with certain gifts and talents. Why waste that? I feel if you’re not happy, then take the steps you need to take, to make that happen. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be happy and successful even though some people throughout my life have made me feel selfish about it at times. But at the same time, we’re only given one life. One chance. So love others and be forgiving.” Mercy concludes by offering this advice, “Have ‘Mercy’ on people, because in the end, it will bring peace and comfort to your own soul.”

written by Debbie DuBois Miller
- Rising Star Magazine


November 2007 - "I Can't Let Go" Debut CD release for TriMark Records

2008 - "THIS CHRISTMAS" Co-written with Dustin Johnson and Nancy Peacock. Being pitched for TV and Film via Washington Street Publishing and REA Productions

2009 - Singles, "MAY DAY" and "BURN BURN" being played on Spider Web Radio in Seattle, WA

"NOBODY'S GIRL", "EDGE OF SEVENTEEN" – Digitally released on itunes, CD Baby, Rhapsody and other digital download sites. My band and I have re-cut the Stevie Nicks Classic.

Singles released in the UK "EXHALE, "NEW RELIGION" and "DARK HORSE RUN". If successful over there they will be released here in the states later this year.



MY MUSIC!!! My band and I have been performing together for over two years now and have developed our own sound. We play rhythmic and lyric driven rock and pop rock songs that we believe in. At our live shows we give one hundred percent to create excitement and connect with our audiences.

My INFLUENCES are Sara McLachlan, The Used, The Goo Goo Dolls, Aerosmith, Stevie Nicks, Celine Dion, to name a few. My brother is my drummer and one of my co-writers. I am very fortunate to have worked with some of the greatest songwriters in the country like Gary Burr and Victoria Shaw, which is why we moved to Nashville. My manager thought it made more sense than flying in every month from Houston to write and record. As soon as we got settled in we started playing acoustic sets wherever we could. After about six months we put the band together and began to get more gigs in and around Nashville.

My PASSION is the music and the way it is presented. I admit to changing some of the styles since my 2007 debut CD, on TriMark Records, but I believe the music better reflects who I am now. I have a great group of guys backing me up who have also played on my recently recorded releases. I have been at this since age 12 and I am now 23, so if you do the math you can see that I am in this for the long haul.

Come out and catch one of our live shows and judge for yourself. All of my upcoming performances will be listed on my myspace page as well as my sonicbids calendar. I look forward to having you guys send me an e-mail so I can add you to my list. Thanks, and ROCK ON!!!!