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"Smart songwriting, superstar looks and excellent production value"

The liner notes of this CD would have the listener know that what follows is a compilation of songs that encapsulate the first few years of the Meredith Patterson's tenure as a struggling actress/singer/dancer and her ultimate rise to Broadway stardom. This much is true. What they won't tell you, (as they were written by the humble artist herself) is that the lyrics are superbly written, the sound and production are fantastic and the hooks are catchy but not annoying. Most definitely, this album would be more comfortable on your top 40/pop radio playlist than say, your Broadway Diva solo debut playlist. If you had that sort of thing. It's probably one of the smartest pop-genre albums I've heard in a long time, chronicling journeys of hope and determination in as even proportion as those of heartbreak and longing. When was the last time you popped in a Brittany cd that didn't entirely exist in the realm of "I'm lonely", "you broke my heart" or "let's just do it?" (No offense to Brittany- just her songwriters) Meredith: MerieNYC proves that an album and artist don't have to be two dimensional or completely unoriginal in order to be commercially appealing and further, that a singer songwriter doesn't have to velcroed to a guitar or sing about social injustice in order to be emotionally evocative. If you like the style and sound of 90's Madonna, but with the theatrical kick of Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation, buy Meredith: MerieNYC. If you don't, buy it anyway because you probably know someone who does.
- FAN: Timothy H, NYC, NY

"42ND ST Russia Review"

"Leading the cast as Peggy Sawyer is Meredith Patterson, who spent a year (from August 2001 to August 2002) playing the same role in the show's New York revival. In the process, she herself became the toast of Broadway. And no wonder. She has about her the virtually indescribable quality of a real star, a glowing presence that permeates every note she sings, every step she dances and every line she speaks." - MOSCOW TIMES

"Review from Los Angeles Show"

“Beautiful Meredith Patterson, already well known in the theater world, will be better known from this performance. She has a rare combination of spirit and vulnerability.” -

"Review of Meredith Directed by Julie Andrews"

"Meredith Patterson as the ingenue Polly is exquisite, and one doesn't have to stretch too far to see the young Ms. Andrews there. She is a wisp with substance; blessed with a rich voice. She has learned from Ms. Andrews the nuances the body and voice can lend to a character: the tip of the head, the leaning of the body, the lilt of the voice." - SAG HARBOR EXPRESS


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