Meredith Edgar

Meredith Edgar


Waiting. Being in love with a person you've not yet met. Broken many times and not quite sure how much stronger you are for it. Foggy with occasional slices of sunshine. Ocean and smoke and booze. Trying to try so, so hard.


Singing, eating, dancing, rocking, loving. The most graceful klutz you will ever meet. I am a San Francisco baby who has finally come home. A singer who has done lots of different kinds of music, but is always looking to try something new (especially if it's dancy!) If Metric ever has to replace Emily Haines, I will be first in line for auditions.


Midnight's Gone

Written By: Meredith Edgar

Bruised and callused fingers
A sign of a night well spent
Dim lights, clapping hands,
Familiar faces, kind words,
But not the ones I want
(They’re not the ones I want).

The wind picks up
My collar buttoned up
To help me face the road
On my own
And although I know
You’re never too far behind
You’re on my mind.

The streets and the face
Are always the same
But the sound and the light
Are somehow different tonight.

Try to explain what this means to me
Oh, I dare you to try to find the words.
And what you’ll get from me,
Should you succeed
Will be nothing
Like you’ve ever seen or heard
(But well deserved).

The drive home’s not too long
But it will be tonight
The wheels in your hands
On this starlit flight
But tonight,
Ill fly without you.

I could be
Singing my songs without you…

Late on a Monday night
Same place, same time
Oh, the way you look at me
Should be a crime
You’ve got me in your web
It’s not too far four you to climb
Ain’t it about time?

(Repeat Chorus)

The porch light’s on
Midnight’s gone
But I’m still waiting, baby…


Written By: Meredith Edgar

I admit I’m tired
Tired of these races
And the late nights
The regretting ever getting
Out of bed
I’m tired of waiting
For you
To say you’re waiting
For me
It’s what I wish for
But it’s a statement
That I can’t believe.

You know you were special
You know that I cared
So why do you still
Haunt me at night in my bed?
I thought I was strong
But not I know my heart is weak
Still, I look for it
‘Cause it scares me to think
That I’ll never love anybody ever again.

I’m sick of seeing your face
On every boy I meet
Every new chance for love
Seems to sink and disappear
Below my feet
Why does it feel so wrong
In this bed at night?
When all I wanted was for
You to come back
And hold me tight.


Written By: Meredith Edgar

Funny how much I’ve wished
For so long
To escape this place
When only since I found you
I’ve had a reason to call it home.

Searched through aluminum foil models
Hollow, heartless bodies
To find you
Warm and tangible at the end.


But it may really be an end
And I can’t deal with this
‘Cause everything I’ve learned
And everything I’ve loved
And everything I’ve lived through
It manifests in you.

So wrap your arms around my shoulders
Not knowing how many more
Encounters will come
Before my take off
Hope it’s raining so the tears won’t show.


…And I’m not seeing a light
In the tunnel’s end anymore
Just a blazing fire
Waiting to engulf me
For leaving you behind
When, darling, I love you.


Meredith Edgar: Manifest (CD). iTunes, CD Baby
Meredith Edgar: Meredith and the DTs Live: DVD, CD Baby

Set List

1. Over Again. 2. Please Forgive Me (cover). 3. Special. 4. Thank You You're Welcome. 5. Headed For Disaster 6. Head Over Heels (cover). 7. When the Stars go Blue (cover) 8. Midnight's Gone 9. Manifest (Sets: typically 45 minutes to 1 hour. 80 % own songs).