It begins with a sense of urgency, fast rhythms and guitars jangling in syncopation. It's dark, and there is romance, and he takes you along into its soaring melodies. Reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, Thornley, Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin


Edmonton, AB Feb.5.08 -- Alt-rocker Jonny Mericana is turning a lot of heads these days. The quiet spoken artist is quickly becoming known as a powerhouse on stage, breaking into the scene like he has a point to make. He has been compared to the likes of Jimmy Page & Robert Plant (yes, together), Jeff Martin (Tea Party), Ian Thornley (Big Wreck), Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), & Jeff Buckley. His sound has been best described as dark, gritty alt-rock with a Zeppelin-esque edge.

As former guitar player from one of the areas biggest “buzz-bands” Murder City Sparrows, he's got some hype to live up to. National touring, music videos, and regular airplay on mainstream radio would make getting back out there a little daunting for anybody. "It has taught me a lot about what I want to do, and how I want to do it this time around. The bar has been set high, and I owe a lot to the Sparrows for that. "

The upcoming album will be produced in Edmonton by Brad Smith of Mr. Smith Productions and is planned for a late summer release while the new band is being worked in.” By summer we will have something to announce”.

“Jonny’s voice kicked my ass. And his guitar playing is brilliant”. - Mike Jenkins, Artist/ Fan

“Wicked songs, great voice, the makings of a huge sound!” - Michael Joseph, Artist/ Fan

“Stunning Performance! Mericana had us all captivated!” - Brad Smith, Producer/ Recording Engineer

“Fans of old Tea Party, Soundgarden, Big wreck, are going to LOVE this!!” – Mike Diesel, Loudlove Entertainment

”Wicked Songs!” – Richard Leighton, Arbutus Music/ Farmhouse Studios

“I went, I heard and I LOVED!!! All the tracks are awesome, can't wait to hear more” - Robyn Smith, Fan

“Awesome!!!! Love it~!!!” - Brenna Emile, Fan


Presently in pre-production for the debut release.

Set List

Typical Set List is 80% Original, 20% Cover