From Queens of the Stone Age to Jeff Buckley


It’s not an easy task to describe the sounds of Jon “Mericana” Matwiv, partially being for the range in diversity within a typical night’s set, but also because of the rare combination of his mad, fiery guitar playing and that smoky 4 octave voice of his.

Whether with an acoustic guitar and bar stool, or with a full group, you can be sure to hear a mash up of Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, and Led Zeppelin reminiscence…Which would best describe this singer/songwriter from Vancouver Isl., BC. with songs that range from simple heartfelt acoustics to symphonic epics.

He has been carrying this bag of inspirations around most of his life, in between playing guitar with bands such as Somatic, Citizen’s Strange, Murder City Sparrows, and Melissa Majeau.

Jon’s currently residing in Edmonton, AB honing his craft and preparing for a multiple album release in the new year.

Set List

80% Originals