Meritas f. Jelena Radan

Meritas f. Jelena Radan


Meritas and Jelena Radan bring a truly moving experience to the stage. They combine raw emotion with pure talent, honed by years of experience. Each has a unique, powerful voice, bringing their own personality to each song. There is a pure joy in their performance that moves any who witness it.


Meritas have been together for over 10 years, and in that time have become and inextricable part of the Croatian music scene. A merging of their individual names- Meri Jaman and Anita Valo- gives rise to the name of Meritas. Meri and Anita grew up in Germany, and after coming to Croatia in 1996 they formed the duo which by now has recorded four albums, filmed 12 music videos , earned and won nominations for various music awards, and become one of the most-played performers on Croatian radio. They are the rare musical act that holds both the commercial success and critical praise. There is a true connection between them and their audience when they play, you so not only hear, but you feel each word they sing.


Jump, Dance, Shout! - 1997
Game - 2000
At first Sight - 2005
Unplugged - 2007

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Set List

Meritas and Jelena Radan each have their own songs, which are currently being translated from Croatian to English. Typically they play 2 to 3 sets, of 10 songs each. They are currently singing a cover program, which ranges in songs by: Sheryl Crow, Depeche Mode, Melissa Etheridge, K. d. lang, Neil Young, David Bowie, eurythmics, and brandi carlile