Merkaba Bandits

Merkaba Bandits


Merkaba Bandits is rock n roll. Imagine the songwriting stylings of the Kinks mashed up with bass lines of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their up-beat, catchy melodies and funky bass lines get the girls dancing and the toes tapping.


Forged in the fiery capital of our crazed nation, Merkaba Bandits originated from Washington DC. Taking with them their fierce brand of rock & roll, sex-crazed vocal melodies, and waist gyrating bass lines, Alexander Gruenburg and Michael Loreto departed from their hometown to relocate to sunny San Diego combining with the talents of Southern California natives Ryan Sieloff and Marco Piro. This truly eclectic group’s first single "Young is Hard" will be featured on their upcoming EP to be released February 2008.


Young is Hard/Motel Motel- Single

Set List

A typical Merkaba Bandits show will last from 45 minutes to an hour of all original material.