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Merlino come to with a swagger like no other, a boyish smile and rhymes thatwill hip you wil hip hop, contemporary, and pop singles like "Cup of Goose" "Pull on My Shirt" (PopCorn) and "9 to 5" - showing his versatilty and musicality to be both a Hip Hop and Pop Artist.


Merlino, "The First Italian Boss of Hip Hop" was born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey. His family, the Merlino's,were at one time members of the nortorious Philadelphia Family of La Cosa Nostra, and the subject of the best seller, "The Last Gangster" By Georgie Ansatasi, published by Regan Books. THey have also been successful citizens in the community, owning a 20 year old Construction business in Rebar and building dreams that last forever in the skyline of Atlantic City and Philadelphia. They are now focused on one of their own making it in music and taking his position in the Hip Hop industry.

Hip Hop became Merlino's first love once he heard the influential rhymes of artists like LL Cool J and Run DMC. Being a student, as well as a child of the culture hip hop Merlino would spit hot 16s in ciphers and earn his respect.


"Cup of Goose"
Currently on Radio in Carolina's, Detroit, Chicago, Georgia

Set List

Typical list is "9 to 5", Cup of Goose and Pull on my shirt. Normal set is 10 min. Have a longer set of 15-20 min. No cover songs as of yet.

Normally have 2-4 dancers